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  1. “Da lady of Antipolo said, akala ko sa punongkahoy galing ang mga strawberries!!??”

    Just where are these types of people living all these times? Every time they (most) come up to Baguio they pretend so innocent most of their remarks are so condescending to the bones….I’ll not roll my eyes anymore when someone will say “akala ko ang mga kamote, pinipitas”…ay apo, por dios pos santo. Maybe a “sign” on each fruit or vegetable explaining where these darns things came from will be the answer, hehehe…..

    Cheers still to our lady friend from Antipolo (is Antipolo in the Philippines??).

  2. hahaha, trublue, nakakatawa at smart ang comment mo, oo nga naman, juice ko kawawa naman yong ale from antipolo, kung saan man yon, hihihi, anyways basta ako, the next time i go back to baguio nitong darating na pasko, i’ll make it a point to take my visitors jan sa trinidad para naman maappreciate nila ang fresh strawberries, the last time kasi na umuwi ako jan, i heard na ipinagbawal na daw siya, hindi pala^^

  3. Ei sir TB! Ganyan ka pala mainis!LOL…

    Just wanna share an experience nung pumunta kami sa Davao (for d first time)last month, pinagtawanan ba naman kami ng mga friends namin doon when we told them na gusto naming makakita ng puno ng durian kase di pa nga kami nakakakita (e taga-Luzon e..lolz). Pero at least alam namin na sa punongkahoy galing ang durian..hehe. Wala lang, mejo nainis kase ako dun sa ale e…nabroadcast pa naman sa buong mundo ang sinabi niya…haay ina met. Cheers nga kuna yo!=)

    Sir Lord, kelan pa ipinagbawal na magvisit sa strawberry farm? hehe…hmmm….

    Kawawang Antipolo, inaalis na yata sa mapa ng Pilipinas..wahaha…

    Un lang po!


  4. the earlier comments made me laugh. funny but true. add the “sayote” thing to that. there are also comments like what trublue mentioned about kamote, something like “ay, vine pala ang sayote, hindi puno”. LOL.
    how about your thoughts on tourists picking strawberries and eating the right away without having them washed? i don’t think us, locals, will do that.the first thing to ask may be “nagapuan na ti pinagsibog u ti mula u manong?” hehehe

  5. hahaha…”one tagalog says asan ang puno ng strawbery? only if she lookdown its infront of her nose”.sometime they are ignorant about fruit and vegestables,they only know “pakbet”. kaya Trueblue”kalma” kabsat its their nature. As they say”imbag ta igolotak”.

  6. Hi Trublue,
    Yup cheers to her too despite the cluelessness 🙂 But in fairness to her, I didn’t know that kamias comes from a tree. Akala ko parang kamatis na itinatanim sa garden eh sa puno (or more of a bush) pala nanggagaling. Thanks.

    Hi Lord,
    This video is from last summer so maybe ipinagbawal ngayon. But I don’t see the point why they would stop it if its good for business. Thanks.

    Hi FBI,
    Oy forgivable naman yung hindi nakakakita ng durian because sa Mindanao (and Apayao ngayon) lang siya itinatanim. Thanks.

    Hi Jane,
    Never heard of that sayote comment before 🙂 I know someone who bought a package of strawberry tapos kinain niya kaagad without washing it nga. Eh mukhang matibay ang tiyan nun kasi okay naman siya. But we really should wash it just to be safe. Thanks.

    Hi adam&me,
    Thanks. Agree with you in the kalma thing.

    Off topic for you: I keep clicking your profile but I don’t see a link to a blog. Ag blog ka met-a tapno umad-ado ti tribo tayo 🙂 Thanks.

  7. Hi Bill,
    Since I can’t hear the video audio because my sound card is broken I can’t really understand the essense of it right now.

    That kind of tourism is right now called Eco Tourism. I have a cousin who went all the way to Holland to study International Tourism and she hopes to help Eco Tourism in the Philippines. Very noble idea but I encouraged her to pay off her student loan debt(in euros) first before she goes to the Philippines and set-up eco tourism company.

  8. Hi Bill,

    We will be in Baguio city on December 27 for a vacation. I was able to meet Jon Bayogan from Davao City and we are planning to put up an organization for the igorots here in Davao. Anyway, just give me an email so i can give you my contact number.


  9. Hi Tina,
    Thanks. Good advice you gave to your cousin. Dapat bayad loan muna 🙂

    Hi Rhoda,
    Good for you that you’re going up north. Great too that you’re organizing in Davao. Mabuti para may mabisita kung sakali. I will email you later. Thanks.

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