How to Spend P20 Million, III

We’re publishing your comments in the main page for the others who don’t visit the comments section. Thanks everyone.

From Trublue:
While some suggestions are quite dandy, let’s all narrow it down to:

  • 8 million to BGH
  • 8 million to improving the city library and buy quality books NOT photocopied materials
  • 2 million to various legitimate fundraisers including Ramon Dacawi’s
  • The remaining 2 million or less, have mayor Pete buy his councilors one HORSE each, good for the environment of Baguio and clean air! I’d like to see Perlita and her cohorts visit their constituents on horseback.

We also have a very insightful comment from Imie Belanger in Toronto about how Baguio City officials lavished their hosts with gifts when they visited Vaughn, the City Above Toronto.

I spent some time with the Baguio Councilors when they came here last month for the Baguio/Vaughan 10th year Twinning City celebration. Vaughan is another city above Toronto (Canada).

I attended a dinner hosted by the Vaughan city council. Before the dinner, as we were enjoying champagne and vintage wines both Baguio and Vaughan councilors exchanged gifts.

Vaughan councilors gave out their gifts. One to each delegates, excluding their wives. Simple gifts in a paper gift bags. When it was time for the Baguio city councilors to hand out their gifts, there were plenty, there were so many extra gifts that I was even given one.

I felt so ashamed witnessing this imbalance. These Canadians probably realized why the Philippines is one of the poorest countries.

And the Baguio Insider shares her take on Mayor Bautista’s veto and the things that we should watch out for in Baguio:

Methinks Bautista is just washing his hands off the whole situation, insisting ‘he could not have been party to it because he was abroad’ while Weygan insists that he knew about it all along, hence the P4.6M allocation for Bautista’s vehicles.

That his veto was forthcoming because of the furor on- and offline, merely for political survival was predicted.

Now, if we had only raised a similar hue and cry over Domogan’s flyover! We wouldn’t be stuck with that wretched sight.

Things to watch:

  • Rodez’s proposal for a market at Burnham Park.
  • Farinas’ ‘development’ of Botanical Garden.
  • Farinas’ satellite markets (‘talipapas’)
  • Php400M landscaping and tree-planting for Burnham Park with a few offices for park personnel.
  • Bautista’s Php12M ‘collapsible’ parking building on Burnham Park (er, why do they not require the large schools to build parking building themselves since these are the main sources of human and vehicular traffic in the CBD for students, professors and staff?)
  • Bautista’s badly-implemented and intented ‘No Segregation-No Collection’ garbage policy that was timed suspiciously with his declaration of a shift of focus from tourism to ‘education.’

Actually, these are larger concerns that actually affect EVERY Baguio resident and visitor compared to the greedy move of the councilors to issue themselves cars.

Thanks everyone 🙂

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