Results Out: UC-BCF Grad Tops 2006 Bar Exams

Noel Malimban of the University of the Cordilleras topped the bar examinations held last year with a grade of 87.6% Malimban is the second graduate from the UC (formerly the Baguio Colleges Foundation) to top the bar exams (after Janet Abuel in 1998). Other UC-BCF law graduates who made it to the top ten in previous bar exams can be found here. Congrats to Noel and UC-BCF.

Meanwhile, other examinees who made it to the top ten in the 2006 bar exam which was just released today are:

2. Debora Acosta, University of the Philippines (87.4%)
3. Erika Jimenez, Ateneo Law School (86.6%)
4. Teresa Carlos, Ateneo Law School (86.1%)
5. Gina Rubio, Far Eastern University (85.75%)
6. Ann Julie Tan, Dr. Vicente Orestes Romualdez Educational Center(85.70%)
7. Karen Gaviola, University of San Carlos(85.68%)
8. Al Shawid Ishmael, University of Cebu(85.65%)
9. Timothy Mendoza, UP (85.55%)
10. Alain Deloso, UP (85.05%)

You can read the complete list of bar passers here, or here, or here, or here.

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11 thoughts on “Results Out: UC-BCF Grad Tops 2006 Bar Exams”

  1. Hi Meling,
    UC-BCF ka pala ha. SLU must be kinda envious at this time, no? But don’t feel too bad SLU there always is another year. Meanwhile, Yay BCF! Da Best!

  2. BCF grad din ako, kaya lang HS!! Will jump on da bandwagon nonetheless..ha ha… Bill, is Noel our kailian? (I mean CAR guy).
    Last name indicates he is. Thanx!!


  3. Hi Trublue,
    I don’t know but will be checking on it. But last name appears to be pretty common if you google it. Thanks.

  4. Hi Bill & TruBlue,

    It’s nice to hear about the Bar topnotch people gracing the pages of the papers back home. It brings back memories of yesteryears.

    I overheard in the Bibaknets forum that the UC-BCF Bar topnotcher is a Caviteno, not an FBI or CAR guy.

    Mandy M. Dornagon, Esq.
    Attorney at Law

  5. Yikes!! My other guess was Pangasinan lad, mali pa rin! Di bale, kabayan pala ni Wil. Paki check lang Wil, baka igoteno yan..hehe…cheers!!


  6. Update on Noel,”born and raised in this mountain resort” as per Manila Bulletin today.. Maybe parents are Cavite. So, Noel, Igorot by choice na lang, he he….
    Goodhealth, good Easter week to all.


  7. Hi Mandy and TruBlue,
    Thanks. Mukhang parehong hindi kayo nag Holy Week ah 🙂

    He is apparently Baguio born and raised.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS to ATTY. NOEL! am so proud of you. i’m getting more popular over here in metro manila because of you and UC.

    though am a graduate of SLU (engineering), am proud of UC too!. besides, my sister is UC’s VP for Academics (dr. cleofas basaen) and, …. this is one for the road…. the late Atty. Faustino Basaen, who was once the dean of the BCF college of law, is my uncle. (yabang ko na talaga noh?) 🙂

    again, congrats to all UC law grads esp. to Atty. Noel! all the best in your career

  9. Hi Ines,
    Thanks for visiting us and for your comment. Oo nga, iBaguios in Manila are now being associated with the UC-BCF topnotcher. Sabi ko, I’ll bask in the reflected glory while it lasts. So parang magaling na rin ako he he.

    That is an interesting website you have and your program looks very interesting too. You also deserve our congratulations because you are quite an achiever yourself.

    Thanks again, and we hope you continue to visit us 🙂

  10. huh? UC? Yuck! SLU pa rin. ngka top lang kayo kayayabang niyo na! eh indi pa nga kilala skul niong bulok! mga passing percentage nio sa ibang courses inaamag, 30-50% eeewww eh ang SLU consistent 100% sa lahat ng courses sa NATSCi at sa ibang colleges

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