Trublue’s Eight Random Things

As promised, here’s TruBlue’s Eight Random Facts about his ego. The rules are at the start of Bill’s post and, are you kidding, who should I tag next? Anonymous 1:01, 1:02? Hehe, so lucky you, I’m not tagging anyone:

1. Other than gobbling on dark chocolates and ice cream (except vanilla), my real passion is flying helicopters. Remote control, that is. This includes trucks and cars. Already crashed two helos. For environment’s sake, I fly electric types, not nitro/gas.

2. My ultimate dream is to run any marathon (26.2 miles), didn’t get past the 8 mile mark. I’m a failure, hehe, what else is new!?

3. Never been to SM Mall Baguio or any SM for that matter and will never go to one.

4. I don’t believe in aliens (the ones some people refer to as extra-terrestrials keeping an eye on us). There’s no such thing. If you subscribe to this belief, go for it, fancy is free!

5. The downside to my Igorotness is my inability to eat “kilawen” whether it’s dog, goat, tripes or anything raw. My wife eats these “awful stuff” and prepares them for our Baguio and Cordillera friends and other visitors. I’m in awe watching them gobble and having fun at these specialties, daw! However, I have to admit I eat raw Octopus!!!

6. Id’ rather go to a funeral than a wedding. There’s no loud boisterous idiots during wakes. Seems like everyone is sedated, all whispering to one another. Don’t get the notion though that I’m always spying for dead friends or relatives, hehe…

7. Music by Enya, Sarah Brightman, Maire Brennan, Mary Duff, and the Fureys are my favs. I know, they’re mostly folksy sappy Irish songs. Good for my persona and well being though.

8. My first job, the last four years as Director of Human Resources (formerly called Personnel/Admin) was highlight of my career. My boss, whose name is Bob, (I’ll call him Dick) used to be under me but being such a brown-nose, Hallelujah! he went above me. Of 79 personnel who worked for me, only 3 disliked me, Dick and his two co-horts! Red to him is white, blue is gray, we never got along after his ascension to power. Since I was eligible to retire, I bailed out after two months but gave him the bird as my one last act of defiance. Wish Dick was aboard the two Helos I crashed, hehe…..that’s all folks!

Since some are eager to see how TruBlue looks like, I’ve authorized Bill to tease you also and just show you half of my image with TruPink, if Bill still has my group pic taken this past January. If not, too bad. Cheers to all and goodhealth as well…..

From Bill: Thankfully, I still have the picture. Thanks for doing the meme. It is a fun read; made me smile/laugh while reading it. I’m sure those who have been asking “Who is Trublue?” such as Gandang Igorota and FBI are thrilled to know more about you.

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23 thoughts on “Trublue’s Eight Random Things”

  1. Iba ka talaga sir, pati si trublue, napagladlad mo! lol

    Thanks po sa post at sa nagpost. Tawa ako ng tawa, pero muntik na akong maawa dun sa Bob na dick. Halos sumpain mo eh! hehe


  2. Hey, I am amused. This makes TruBlue more mysterious, rather than demystifies him. I have been trying to complete the picture but the face that comes out is that of either a Japanese or Korean. 🙂

    TruBlue is everywhere that at one time I encouraged him to have his own blog. I have a writer friend who I thought was TruBlue. In spite of his repeated disclaimer, I was not convinced.

    Then I read a comment where TruBlue admitted to being a Super Lolo. Meaning, my suspect was innocent all along because he is no granddad – not by a long shot.

    So who is TruBlue who is playing sweet music with TruPink? I wrote a poem for him which you can check out here:

    Thanks, Bill, for letting me make a link to another blog. 🙂 I join the effort to uncover the mysterious TruBlue.

  3. I tried kilawen (the goat variety) about a year ago. It wasn’t bad although not sure I’d eat it again.

    Enya and Sarah Brightman? Who’d have thunk? Enya is good mood music, I hear. 😉

    And Director of HR? Who’d have thunk again? I know Sir TB has said he never finished college so I guess this gives hope to those who never finished or went to college. 😀

  4. What?!!! Never been to SM, just to look what it’s like? Well, can’t blame you though.

    It’s good you are doing this taggie things. Next time I will tag you too!

  5. Hihihi…Bitin met! The more he needs to be stalked! Galing-galing!

    I know of someone who has the same taste of music, reasoning and all. Wise man and a good hearted one… Interesting people have a lot of things in common, I therefore conclude.

    Trublue’s CHEERS AND GOODHEALTH is contagious!

    Lucky Bill, you’ve got your Ace. Need I to say more?

  6. Ferri, Bob was doble-kara undeserving of pity whatsoever. He was just a Dick who loved to glorify himself and come to think of it, he must climax doing that, just a surmise, hehehe………hoy biro lang.

    Chyt, Bill started the tease so figured I’ll do it too.

    Hapon ken Korean, nagadayo metten.

    In lovelyn’s blog under Generosity, I again reiterated my reason for not blogging, it’s funny but you guys can laugh, hehe.

    Yes, year 2005 was horrible for me.
    We just have to accept the realization it’s part of our trials in life, maybe….

    Wil, HR had no math/chemistry for me to hurdle, so it was a breeze. All you needed was a quality attitude, lots of enthusiasm, and great camaraderie with those under and above you.

    Those are world class musicians I mentioned.

    Ms Tina, you can have the best chocolates/icecreams inside SM Baguio and offer them to me for free everyday, and I will politely reject the proposal.
    I just don’t have any confidence
    of how that mall was built, yon lang naman. But as Wil always say, to each his own.

    Lovelyn, you are one witty hot-mama. Boogs is very lucky to have you. Your persona alone is enough of a requisite to be part of an elite team. More blessings to your family.

    Cheers to all and goodhealth as usual.

  7. eating raw meat shouldn’t be a downside to our igorotness… no raw meat for me. nothing of the ‘flashlightam lang ket naluton’ kind. nope!:-)

  8. Hi G,
    I didn’t feel bad for Bob at all 🙂 Thanks.

    Hi Chyt,
    I am not at liberty to reveal who Trublue is 🙂 But good things are reserved for those who wait… I’m sure you will eventually see him. Thanks.

    Hi Wil,
    Oo nga, who’d have thunk. He says he’s a failure but he’s not a failure by any measuring stick. Yup, his story will be inspiring. Maybe we should also interview him about his job like we did Ganda ano. Thanks.

    Hi mygoodfinds,
    Yeah, the SMs in Manila are ugly… in fairness, medyo okay sa Baguio but only because they provided a good view of some parts of the city.

    These tags can be really fun. Looking forward to your tag. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Ay bitin aya diyay picture. Pasensiya a ta I was only following instrustions.

    Yup. TruBlue has been helping this blog for a long time. [Thanks] And he’s been very instrumental in helping build our blogging community.

    Hi Trublue,
    Hehe, another person who don’t like math. Siguro that describes most of us, except probably si Pagano 🙂

    Hi Pagano,
    I’ve tried raw fish though; the one dipped in vinegar and other spices. Thanks.

  9. Aba eto pala si trublue! Interesting!

    I agree na mysterious nga naman si trublue. Though my impression of him is cool guy naman.

  10. i meant not eating raw meat.:-( and nooo, i don’t like math.:-)

    like most of the others, i’m waiting for the completion of true blue’s image.

    as he always says, cheers and goodhealth!

  11. pustahan tayo, pag natikman mo yung tuna salad nila sa mindanao, kakain ka ng kilawin! 🙂

  12. TruBlue, I’m ready to buy you icecream (except vanilla). The suspense is killing me. Bill has my number. 🙂

  13. Novice blogger – let me reciprocate also by saying you are “one cool dude” as evident by your looks in your blog. Thanks!

    Pagano – “sika laeng ti Igorot or
    taga-Baguio nga haan mangmangan ti pulutan”, this comment is always expressed even to this day and I always chuckle at the thought. Having my late mother owned her liquor store in the lapu-lapu streets during the 60’s and 70’s didn’t made me dip my fingers in to the “pulutan”. It’s probably the smell that made me disliked them,hehe…..I’ll settle for roasted peanuts.

    Ferri – Tuna (in oil not water), is one of my staples for sandwiches. But raw tuna salad from Mindanao??, di ba puedeng Baguio salad w/raw tuna, apay awan idtoy Baguio?

    Cheryl – Let’s set aside those yummy icecreams for now but rest assured, Bill and TruBlue will be on your doorsteps when the time comes, hahaha……

  14. Hehehe… I also don’t like kilawen. I tasted it in Cagayan de Oro and didn’t like it.

    I loved Enya before. Now I’m not too updated =)

    Poor Bob! Nyahahaha…

    We should have an unmasking ceremony where the pictures of Trublue and Sir B are unveiled in full hehehe…

    Cheers and good health to Trublue and Truepink of course!

  15. after reading all these posts (laughing), i began asking who true blue is:) but i bet as novice blogger has said, cool guy daw eh parang tama. i think makikita mo sa posts niya eh bagets ang dating kahit grandpa na. it must be interesting meeting him if someday may get together and mga igorot bloggers:) just an idea. blessings

  16. layad, for some1 who is a ‘soysauce plus vinegar sawsawan’ addict 🙂 I’m amazed na ayaw mo ng kilawin… you should taste Bong’s kilawin, yung cubes of tuna na may cucumber at manggang hilaw in vinegar and calamansi juice, etc. hayyy, grabeee, gumuguwapo siya pag kumakain ako ng kilawin na gawa niya! hehehe

    ‘cle abella, dapat pala sumama ka nung nagpakape si Sir Bil sa trinoma para si Trublue na lang ang pamisteryo epek… 🙂

    G (tamad kase me maglog-in kaya anon na lang 🙂

  17. fun read…more paglaladlad sana to come sir TB…

    SM?haay…salamat sa SM…palamigan namin kc init d2 sa Manila…waah…

    ate G..sarap ng kilawen ni K Bong…

    haaay…sir TB…cka man me ti agpakape…please???


  18. hehe…para naman akong masyadong nagpapakaawa dun ah…hehehe…

    napakamysterious lalo c sir TB…


    cheers and goodhealth to all!!!hehe…


  19. Layad – welcome to the club of non-kilawen eaters, Pagano included, hehe…cheers to you also. Keep listening to Enya.

    Abella – impromptu meeting would be fun as opposed to date setting. Nice for us to gather one of these days. Maybe your place is an ideal place for the gathering of eagles..

  20. Ferri – Aba, nag-tsikahan na pala kayo nina Sir BB, hehehe…
    Let me have TruPink prepare Bong’s special, parang masarap nga, hmmm.

    FBI – don’t worry, hindi lang pakape-kape ang menu if we meet in the near future, full blown dinner with all da trimmings and da sky is da limit, err, I mean da ceiling is my limit, hehe…

    Bill – mahirap palang blogger, many
    comments to comment on and need to answer each to not offend anyone. It’s like someone would say “goodmorning to you” and you are pretty much obligated to say “goodmorning too”, kahit may hang-over, hehe….well, not all bloggers do that, so you’re one of the greats!
    Cheers to all and goodhealth also!

  21. like most endeavours, it must be the initial quivers which have to be overcome. and maybe, try not to think. otherwise…yuck!

    hehehehe. cheers!

  22. Even duck’s meat I can’t also touch coz of it’s smell, hehe.. but you know Pagano, I indulge on rabbit meat. This was our main pulutan at “old busurca”, during the late 60’s, did I spell da busurca acronym correctly?
    Cheers to all and goodhealth…

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