Those Hanging Sagada Coffins

In case you are wondering how those hanging coffins in Sagada went up those really steep rocks, this video shows us how it is done. If iSagadas are really smart (as they claim themselves to be hehe), they should not just be contented with showing off the hanging coffins to tourists but should now be working for its preservation. Methinks Ifugaos are doing a better job in preserving their cultural heritage and in asking for help from agencies/organizations that could help them in this challenge. For one, they made attempts to have their cultural wealth recognized by agencies such as UNESCO, etc.

The iSagadas? We still have to see them do something. Kuntento lang yata sila to just talk about their tourist attractions which, from where we sit, are slowly deteriorating. We hope the incoming officials of the town will do something about this.

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3 thoughts on “Those Hanging Sagada Coffins”

  1. you know why less preservation efforts are being done by sagada local government. lack of funds. why lack for funds? the LGU does not benefit from tourists that well. i mean, tourist registration does not enter the local gov’t but to the bank account of the SEGA (sagada environmental guides ass’n)
    and the only obvious project they have done is the placing of rails and locked gate going to the burial cave..
    many years passed and that is the only (70k) project they have done.

    and what i know is, 100k remains in their account. the only money accumulated over 20 years of operation..

    a new organization of guides now is being established and is supported by the LGU.

    hopefully, measures will be taken in order to protect and preserve the hanging coffins of sagada..

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    It’s interesting to know that the registration fees go to SEGA, I thought it was the Sangguniang Bayan, through an ordinance, which imposed those fees. I might be wrong though. Glad to know that the LGU is now getting involved with the guides. Dapat naman talaga that the LGU should play a more active role in tourism and not just leave it to the private sector.

    Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. Five ye
    Five years have passed and Sagada is drastically losing its grip, both the natural and cultural landscapes fade away behind looming buildings which seem to sprout like damayans (mushrooms) come rainy season, but the cold and wet weather do not seem to slow down the construction of one concrete eye sore one after another. Yes, there is now another group of tour guides in Sagada and the tourist registration fees of both guide groups go to the LGU, has it changed something in the preservation of the place? NADA. ZILCH. MAID. WALA.

    This is not only a job of one sector. This is supposed to be a cohesive drive for both the locals who greatly benefit from this surge in tourism as well as the LGU. As long as there are no concrete plans to be presented to the community and for the LGU to remain passive and condescending towards these drastic and detrimental so called progress in a sheep’s clothing. In the end, efforts in preserving the place and its heritage which even dates back to Marcos’ P.D 260 in 1972, will just be futile.
    ars have passed

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