9 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: Kaya Mo Ito?”

  1. helo mga taga http://gimpong.kalingatambayan.com kaya nyo kaya? hahaha….challenge ko nga yung brother ko kung kaya nya, consistent dean listers bro tapos mag bahag ka as easy as ABC and 123 and one thing to be proud off we are cordilleran’s….madama da gamin conducting their project giving reviews to our kailians na tga kalinga..my mga bisita kami ngayon na magpapareview from UP diliman, as usual ammo tayo met ugali tayo nga taga kalinga.they will stay sa bahay namin then we will shoot that “baboy damo kanu! nga kunan da a, actually native pigs…party party everyday with different house inviting a!ugali tayo garud ,dapat haan madismaya bisita…hehe…it’s my pleasure serving this two visitors of my brother from batanggas and laguna…a while ago sinama ng kapatid ko sila sa blow out ng pinsan ko na nanalo councilor sa municipality ng rizal kalinga, kaso malas ko nasiraan yung auto ko sa daan swerte nila nakasakay sila sa vehicle ni papa pero except from that i was surprised to watch them do the “tadok” trying hard and funny maybe but their guts have to speak they love us cordilleran’s…i am relief they love our dance and culture….to our UP friends, ganito lang talaga kami na kalinga’s..everything is free and you are considered 1st class in the community..basta bisita pangat da!!!!regardless of ranks and poverty…

  2. Hi Dan,
    Astig nga talaga. Bilib ako. Thanks.

    Hi Lei,
    Thanks for dropping by. I like your blog, it’s a fun read 🙂

    Hi Nats,
    Oo nga, ichallenge natin ang mga taga UP Gimpong. Sa tingin ko kaya nila 🙂 LOL about the baboy damo na native pig hehe. Thanks for sharing.

    Hi Nashman,
    Nakabrief ba? Ooops, oo nga ano. Aha, at least matatalo ko siya because I’m gonna do it without briefs.

    Hi Wil,
    Di ko din alam name niya eh. Hope some of our readers would know 🙂

  3. Wearing briefs w/the g-string is not quite authentic, both cheeks must be visible, hehe… I tend to believe he’s not from CAR. There’s also the possibility it could be a dare.
    Maybe the self-proclaimed “Bontoc Chieftain” should investigate…

  4. pa-OT, Bill, if ok. Bontoc Chieftain? No such thing as far as I know. Ifontok ak.

    Daniel PECKLEY Jr.

  5. Hi Trublue,
    Better to use G-string (the underwear) with the G-string (our loincloth) no? Hope it’s no dare though but an earnest young man proud of his roots 🙂 Thanks.

    Hi Dan,
    Oo naman, OT is a-ok. I think Trublue was referring to Bong Cawed (posts here and here) who was identified as a Bontoc chieftain in some news reports. In fairness to Bong, I’m not sure whether he presented himself as a chieftain or whether the media just gave him that label. If it’s the former then it’s clearly wrong. If it’s the latter then I give him a pass 🙂 Thanks, Dan.

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