The Princess of Chico River

UN representative baptized as princess of Bontoc’s Chico River
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BONTOC, Mountain Province – Suneeta Mukherjee, the representative of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) in the Philippines, was baptized as “wagchas” or the “Princess of Chico River” by local government officials in an elaborate ceremony here.

Does that mean that Mukherjee, an Indian national and a strict vegetarian, would be able to partake of pork, the favorite food in Bontoc?

“No,” said Gov. Maximo Dalog. “But this is our way of saying that we are serious in our thrust for population management and development.”

Mountain Province and nearby Ifugao were among the few provinces in Northern Philippines that passed a code for comprehensive reproductive health.

Dalog said that the implementing rules and regulations of the code, as well as the Gender and Development Code were approved recently.

Mukherjee said local government units should not wait for the House and Senate to pass the National Reproductive Health Code.


OUR TAKE: Hmmm. Princess of Chico River? What a title. Hindi kaya magalit ang mga bading sa Bontoc because that title should be bestowed to one of them not to some “interloper”. Hehe. Joke lang, UNFPA Representative.

Anyways, it’s good that Cordi local government units (LGU) view reproductive health as an important issue. Kudos goes to Ifugao for being the first province in the entire country to pass a reproductive health ordinance. Mt. Province followed and is the second province in the Cordilleras to do so.

Now, after passing their ordinances, the officials of Ifugao and Mt. Province should now buckle down to work to make their ordinance a reality. Let’s hope they won’t back down if the Catholic Bishops threaten them with excommunication, deny them communion, or anything like that.

Ito naman kasing mga obispo sa Pilipinas, biro mo ba namang they equate using condoms or other birth control methods with killing life daw. How very 19th century, ano?

3 thoughts on “The Princess of Chico River”

  1. what has dat outsider to do with the chico? name an outsider as princess of a river foreign to her? what has naming an outsider to do with population? ay en ngen naki yabyafok ischi? en ngen nenlablafa ischi? can’t get them sense of politicos indiscriminately intimating their politics to sacred nature. syempre eh ano naman alam ni dalog sa chico in bontoc eh taga bila met ngamin? please leave nature alone and let it rehabitate itself. them politicos who have not felt the enlivening spirit of that river because they merely see it as an instrument to advance their politics, should stop. your intruding with politics and letting intruders desecrate the chico will anger the leng-ag of that great gift of nature. please stop!politicos stop!

  2. Hmmm… That title should go to me hehehehe… But maybe not, cos there are a lot more ‘wanga’ girls, who really spend so much time in the Chico river. Aaahhh, memories… 🙂

    I agree with anonymous; the title is so inappropriate. If Suneeta Mukherjee is promoting environmental protection or preservation, then it would be ok for me.
    But reproductive health = The Princess of Chico River, isn’t that a bit of a stretch?

  3. Oh no! I’m pretty sure that there is one i-Bontoc who deserve that title. Bakit sa foreigner pa?

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