Ay-ayyeng The Movie

This could be the most romanticized and most over-acted movie about Igorots/iCordilleras ever? Since when did Igorotas dress like that when they work in the fields? Maybe after they attended a wedding where that kind of wear is appropriate?

You can watch the trailer here if you are in the mood to do so because I’m not in the mood to upload it. Hehe.

11 thoughts on “Ay-ayyeng The Movie”

  1. it does not expand to what i think it should…:)too much domesticated to be true:(

    it is funny! wala yung isang mahalagang aspect na dapat andoon! dapat ikaw na lang sana yung direktor he he he


  2. I guess, this drama is toooooo dramatic and too violent. Nawala na ang pagkaigorota ng isang igorota…And the killing???
    I would suggest that whoever directed this movie should really go to all part of cordillera, live with the people before starting one.

  3. I just saw the trailer on youtube. It also has a synopsis. It looks like there’s positives and negatives about the film. I’ll reserve judgment until you see the film, Bill. hehe

  4. Since when did Igorotas dress like that when they work in the fields? << since when did we see igorots in full g string gear going down using a 'scooter'??? lols theres no one to blame but ourselves!

  5. The bad depictions of our culture always outweighs the good part. Agree with anonymous 10:43 regarding working hard on the fields with our nice-ironed-native attires. Any movies about the Mountain Provinces of cordillera region should not be patronized unless directed by one of our own.
    By the way, what’s Ay-ayyeng? I know there is day-eng. Cheers and goodhealth to all.

  6. My conclusion and after reading some of the comments… some of us should direct a good Cordillera film – an original:)

    Bill? you up for it?

  7. kailan ginamit kaya ng mga igorots ang native costume nila sa bukid.i think that clothes is so expensive.so,they are just using that one for occation only.

  8. is this base on a true story or just an imagation.well,some are true some are not.cause what i know about the dress? ha!ha!how social the igorots if they are wearing their native dress just for fields only.what i know is for occation only.anong say niyo mga kailian,he,he.i challenge you who really a native igorots to direct the really life of igorot before.anyway,i just watch it in the youtube and has a synopsis.but its really funny,pati bata nakabahag.and how could that there is a cabbage in mt.provine,product ng benguet yan e,ha hay!anyway,negosyo piman dayta.LONG LIVE IGOROT!!!

    glory of cyprus

  9. i would like to think that the director is not aware that what is being utilized now in researching for materials is participatory. I expect though that since he is human and for courtesy of the land and its people, he could have at least asked from the people in the locality. anyway i am trying to be as objective as possible here because honestly i find the posted scene insulting. i was not aware of this movie or have not heard about it. i assume it had low ratings that it was not buzzed in the market or maybe my crowd is different hehe.

    thanks for your posts. informative and factual. God bless.

  10. aheheheh! hnku ammo no agkatawa ak weno maasarak nga ngbuya ditoy..ahh basta dakami edi no mapan kami aggabyon naka jeans kami ada py naka levi’s hehehe!

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