Tara Lets sa Bangued

Let’s move on from those controversial statues of the Barrio Fiesta Restaurant to something lighter and more fun. This is a travel video featuring the town of Bangued, Abra courtesy of our online friend Bangued. Thanks 🙂

Bangued is a really nice town. It is a valley with a river running through it. And the surrounding mountains are not that far so you can go up Victoria Peak to have a good view of the town below. I visited the town twice and really enjoyed those visits. It was a bonus that during one of these visits, the province was celebrating its famed Arya Abra festival.

VIDEO CREDIT: Bangued, Your Ultimate Online Guide.

5 thoughts on “Tara Lets sa Bangued”

  1. nice place! i’ve been there before when we presented a Kalinga Dance during the 1997 Cordillera day (i am not sure of the date and year basta sa Manabo Abra)galing kami sa Bontoc for a presentation din, a tour to sagada then back to pinukpuk kalinga, to balballan and then abra..then we travelled to different municipalities in Abra.. I can’t forget Manabo because it is the place where i met conrado balweg, he went to our quarter to meet our Group “Gimpong Dance Troop”

  2. My grandmother is from Abra, but never visited Abra at all. Thanks for featuring Bangued. Bill, I’ll make sure to include my thesis on my blog. I’ve been planning to do that, but never got enough time.

  3. Hi Nats,
    Tour of the Cordilleras ginawa ninyo ah. Buti ka pa nakita mo ng personal si Balweg he he. Ako sine lang niya napanood ko 🙂

    Hi Kayni,
    I’m sure Abra has a lot of beautiful sights which are hidden and left unappreciated. Parati kasing nafofocus ang balita sa bad news about the province’s politics. Thanks to the Bangued Ultimate Online Guide for also bringing out the good things about the province.

    Looking forward to your post regarding WWII guerrillas. Sa tingin ko marami ang interested sa topic na ito.

  4. hey bill! thanks again for this feature. ano yung tungkol sa ww2 guerillas? interested din ako! 🙂

    kayni, taga saan ka sa abra? 🙂 march 1st-10th, arya abra festival (abra’s foundation day, march 9th). tara lets sa abra!

  5. Hi Bangued,
    You’re welcome and thanks for visiting 🙂 About the guerrillas, Kayni did a research on WW2 guerrillas from the Cordilleras (I think) which I’m sure a lot of us are interested in. You might want to visit her site,
    Kayni’s Meanderings where she will post it in the future.

    Thanks again.

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