Tabuk: Many Voices, One People

While researching on the Tabuk cityhood law, we came across this Tabuk situationer report (PDF File) which presents a comprehensive picture of the town’s socio-economic condition, the challenges it faces, and proposed solutions to these challenges.

Whoever made the report deserves a gold medal because it is well done and comprehensive. We hope that every local government unit would have a similar report so their officials, particularly the newly elected ones, will not be groping in the dark wondering what to do while they are in office.

Anyway, what we found most interesting in the report is the variety of languages that the residents of Tabuk speak. We’re sure you will also find it interesting so we are posting the data here. Please note that this information is old (1995 pa) so the numbers would have changed. However, this is still a good indicator of the cultural diversity of the town (soon to be city).

Some observations:
1) It’s quite surprising that there’s only a few Apayao speakers in Tabuk (only 49). So, apparently, not a lot of our Apayao kailiyans migrated to the town despite the fact that Kalinga and Apayao used to be joined as one province.

2) The Chinese residents of Tabuk appear to have assimilated well since only one person is listed as using Chinese as his/her mother tongue. Surely, given that Tabuk is a commercial center there would be more than one iTabuk of Chinese descent.

3) There appears to be a significant number who speak Mindanao languages. We’re pretty sure that these numbers have increased as more merchants from Mindanao, particularly our brother and sister Muslims, seek better markets in fastly developing areas like Tabuk.

Source: National Statistics Office, 1995

TOTAL 63, 124
Ilocano 32, 006
Kalinga 24, 175
Bontok 2, 918
Tagalog 1, 097
Kankanaey 969
Gaddang 945
Ibanag 174
Itawis 148

Maranao 66
Tinggian 61
Ifugao 54
Apayao 49
Pangasinan 42
Ibaloi 24
Kamayo 21
Bikol 20
Waray 19
Kapampangan 18
Kagayanon 17
Cebuano 12
Chavacano 12
Kalamianon 12
Hiligaynon/Ilonggo 10

Isamal Kanlaw 9
Isinai 9
Kalagan 9
Boholano 6
Sambal 5
Cotabatano-Chavacano 4
Davao-Chavacano 4
Ilongot 4
Rombloanon 4
Ilanaun 3
Butuanon 3
English 3
Hamtikanon 3
I’wak 3
Malaueg 3
Tausug 3
Zamboangeno 3
Jama Mapun 2
Kaagan 2
Maguindanao 2
Sama Dilaya 2
Abaknon 1
Badjao, Sama Dilaut 1
Bantoanon 1
Chinese 1
Ikalahan 1
Ivatan/Itbayat 1
Tamateno-Chavacano 1
Yakan 1
Yogad 1

Other Local Dialects 159
Other Foreign Language 6


9 thoughts on “Tabuk: Many Voices, One People”

  1. Yeah, with all those languages and dialects swirling around Tabuk, it deserves cityhood. I’m just perplexed, always thought only CAR people thrive in it.
    My wish on this since there will be more money (income) that will eventually pour in for the city, is that the local elected officials should sport PANTS that are pocketless. Mapanda agtrabho nga awan bulsa ti pantalon da tapno “very good governance” koma.
    Oh,sige gawis ay labi ken dakayo am-in. Ganda, paki check nga itong mga “vowels” ko, baka mistake ket kababain, hehe…Cheers

  2. Nemnem is required ta adu iti agpautang no kurang wenno awan ti revenue ti Tabuk City for infrastructure etc.

    International Banks, Multinational Corporations are among those waiting to offer the cosmopolitan people of Tabuk.

    Of course, there is no such thing as free lunch as economists would say.

    Here is an interesting material on the woes of major urban cities and an adb perspective in 2005

  3. actually Tabuk will become a component city those who argued that we need to cement all roads before tabuk will become a city is insanity…Kaya nga tayo maging city to make tabuk looks like a city just like santiago city…i argue to those who says that we should be industrialized to become a city while i told them naman na inorder to achieve those goals we should be declared a city and the developments will follow..we are lucky nga despite low income we are abide by special laws..nakita nyo na ba ang San Juan Metro Manila ni Jinggoy? tagal ng developed daw pero bakit ngayon lang daw ang cityhood nila sana noon pa para mas malaki daw improvement nila how much more sa Tabuk? na kailangan ng tabuk to la trinidad benguet mas advance sila..but all the criteria are given for a cityhood…i prefer tabuk to be declared city before improvements rather than improvements before easy as ABC,what would you answer kung tinanong ka “i will give you 5m to improve tabuk before cityhood or i will give you 20m after cityhood?so voting NO is inasanity

  4. Nats,

    In case you were reacting to my earlier comment, I am not suggesting that ITabuks vote against cityhood. The comment is a passing thought about keeping eyes wide open. Somehow the term, nemnem captures that essence.

    In this very ferocious global capitalism era, places like Tabuk by location and its cosmopolitan profile is so prime for all sources of investments.
    As a city grows, it will have increased revenue needs. As a city needs more revenues especially for all sorts of infrastructure (not just roads), it is offered various alternatives from all sorts of sources.

    I remain anonymous.

  5. Hi Trublue,
    I was surprised too with the different languages.

    Or better yet, we bring back the loincloth and the tapis/gateng kasi wala talagang pagtataguan doon ng pera 🙂 Thanks again.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for that link. I’ve just downloaded it and will read it after this 🙂

    Hi Nats,
    Thanks. Tabuk is better or more developed than San Carlos (in Pangasinan) which has been a city for a much longer time. So we really don’t have to have cemented roads to become a city altho it is good to have good roads din.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks. Tabuk really has a good growth potential. Hope the growth is well managed hindi yung katulad ng nangyayari sa ibang cities like Baguio 🙂

  6. Hi Anonymous,
    Cityhood won by a big margin. I just updated the post, iTabuks to Vote on Cityhood. Thanks.

  7. ay apu basta city en ti Tabuk.. dagijay han nga nagbutos ah ket awan karbengan da nga agreklamo napan da kuma ah nagbutos ti “no” nu talaga nga madi da..

  8. Hi xird,
    Tama ka diyan. Kumbaga sa kasal, those who have objections should object before the knot is tied 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

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