iTabuks to Vote on Cityhood

According to Kalinga Tambayan, our kailiyans in Tabuk will be voting this coming Saturday (June 23) on whether they would like their town to be converted into a city. We think it is unlikely that the Tabuk voters will reject cityhood given the benefits if their town becomes a city. So what are those benefits? A greater share in the Internal Revenue Allotment and iTabuks having more say in their local governance. Any disadvantages? None that we can think of.

Tabuk will be the second city in the Cordilleras if its voters approve the cityhood law. It is currently classified as a first class municipality.

Go iTabuks. Vote yes for cityhood!

UPDATE: iTabuks voted for cityhood. According to the Voice of Kalinga: 17,066 voted for cityhood and only 2,033 voted against the idea. So Tabuk is now the second city of the region. But, unlike Baguio City which is totally independent from Benguet, Tabuk remains a part of Kalinga and its residents will continue to vote for provincial officials.

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4 thoughts on “iTabuks to Vote on Cityhood”

  1. Wow! Tabuk might reach finish line first than La Trinidad.

    Ciao! A blog hopper here who is an Igorot but knows less about our place. Glad to have seen your blog upon googling on “Halsema Highway”.

    Browsing on your articles and I’m really behind on what’s going around there in the “bondoks”.

    Nice site you’ve got here and hope you don’t mind me linking you in my “baby blog”!

  2. Hi Lovelyn,
    Welcome and thanks for dropping by. I’m adding your blog (which I enjoyed reading) to the links. Thanks also for linking us 🙂

    About the topic: La-Trinidad is actually parang city na rin given its proximity to Baguio. But maybe it’s also a good idea for the local officials there to study the option of cityhood. Thanks again.

  3. One important “initiative” ITabuks should include prior to Cityhood becomes a reality is that “city streets” will never be for sale. If one day, you find yourselves paying to park, something went haywire. Godbless to you people.

  4. Hi Trublue,
    Parang sa Baguio ano? Although, akala ko common ang paid parking sa U.S. city streets? I may be wrong though.

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