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This is a video of Louie Mateo during a YawYan fighting challenge which he won. I do not know if Louie is Igorot but he wears an Igorot G-string in this fight. If he is not an Igorot, is it okay if he wears a G-string? If he is an Igorot, is it okay if he wears a G-string in events such as this? After all, he does increase our visibility which we, in an earlier post, said is very important.

And isn’t the best way of making us visible is to wear our traditional dress? If former Mt. Province Representative Josephine Dominguez can wear an Igorot dress to Congress (even though she kind of sticks out), then surely Louie can very well wear a G-string in the boxing ring? But if wearing a G-string in settings like this is not okay — whether one is Igorot or not — is Louie, if he is indeed an Igorot, forgiven because he won in this challenge?

Most importantly, isn’t a G-string a disadvantage in a kickboxing bout? Does it not get in the way of one’s ability to kick? Honestly, I don’t know the answer to any of these questions. What is your take?

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  1. Even the latest promotional fights advertisement of BOOM BOOM, The Dream “Gorres” and “Suico” (i am not sure if suico is the third man) aired at ABS-CBN..they are wearing the traditional bahag and headbands..I am waiting for that advertisement to be aired again so that i will record it on my pc through my capture card kaso di ko matsambahan e and i gave up..maybe there is something of the bahag we do not know that makes them wear in fighting or promoting their fights.

  2. Hi Nats,
    Talaga ha. I didn’t realize that they have ads on TV. They or the sport must really be popular kaya nalalagay sila sa tv. I hope you are still able to capture it. It must be very interesting. Thanks.

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