Si Morris et Damomo

Si Morris et damomo
Sotsoten da i-idyana
Sot sot ak ak sot.

If I am not mistaken (and I may very well be wrong), this used to be the jeer/chant that Sagada boys use to taunt their fellow boys who are old enough to go to sleep in the dap-ay but who continue to sleep at home with their parents.

We are dedicating the song to our favorite Cordillera Congressman because he apparently continues to receive allowance from his Mama.

Congressman, I used to admire you. A lot. I admire your achievements as a person. You are a self-made man. And I have a lot of respect for self-made men. Like most Igorots, I was proud when you were elected as the mayor of Baguio. I believe that you were a good mayor, that you carried yourself with class, with dignity, and with humor. I believe that you were a mayor who got things done. You helped Baguio get up from the rubble of the 1991 earthquake. You should be credited for that.

I started losing my respect for you when you became Congressman, when you hobnobbed with GMA and her ilk, when you were silent when our kailiyan was killed in Tabuk, when you became GMA’s drill sergeant in the Cordilleras, when you introduced patronage politics in Baguio via the health cards you distributed to election inspectors.

And now this? This P200,000 allowance? You belittle yourself in the public eye by receiving this allowance and by justifying it.

Much as we don’t like to taunt people, you do deserve to be taunted. So we’d like to dedicate the Damomo song to you again.

Si Morris et damomo
Sotsoten da i-idyana
Sot sot ak ak sot.

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5 thoughts on “Si Morris et Damomo”

  1. It is not surprising.

    Domogan keep saying he is the janitor of the city. But Midland Courier editor Cecile Afable says that he is a janitor because he knows how to clean his dirt. Ang dating niya sa tao napakalinis niya but he is the dirtiest public official of Baguio.

    He is now a very rich man with mansions everywhere. Just ask Jack Carino and Yaranon.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks. I guess I already said my piece hehe. But will certainly ask Jack Carino about those mansions, malay mo baka meron siyang photo evidence hehe.

  3. Oh I never knew that until I read this one.
    I or shall I say we, because my family used to admire him (mayor Domogan) too of his great achievements.
    It’s disgusting to know that thing about him.

  4. Hi Ellen,
    I used to admire him a lot too 🙂 Now, not at all. Although maybe he will do good in the end. Malay natin, nagbabago ang buhay. Baka biglang mag 180% degree turn ulit and we’ll see the Morris who represented the best in us. Wishful thinking ba? Hehe. Thanks.

  5. Haha..good faith you have!
    Well nothing is impossible on this earth as they say.
    We will look forward on that then.

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