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  1. Been there once and the sad part is some people even the locals are are taking the stalactites for “remembrance kano”. It even takes years and years for it form tsk-tsk…

  2. Wow! Miss ko na Ambongdolan..mah beloved birthplace. Firstly, thanks sir B for posting=). Hmmm..I can not make out the faces of those in the picture, for sure I know them if they are my kakailyans in Ambongdolan but if not I don’t know them..hehe.

    I agree with ate Lovelyn, maybe it is because of ignorance na rin kaya ganon. Sad to say, those caves are not being maintained properly and those in charge are very lax about it. Wala lang sa kanila..haay…so sad talaga. Hope the new set of barangay officials will look into it.

    Hmmm..which cave kaya ito? There are a lot of caves kasi dun e. M not sure kasi I haven’t entered all of them. But I assume this is the Bengao-ngao Cave found in sitio Payay (which sad to say, hindi ko pa napasok, hangang sa facade lang ako.) Ang napasok is Bongis cave. Maganda rin xa.

    Ooops, I’ve written too much na yata. Nadala lang po kc homeland ko ang nafeature e…haaay. Thanks ulit for posting and sir Art for capturing it.

    God bless u ‘all!


  3. Another sad thing about the tourism thing (esp. of the caves) in Ambongdolan is that in my opinion…hindi naman yata nakakatulong sa barangay. It seems that there are a lot more controversies than its being an income generating area for the barangay. Hindi na nga napapakinabangan nasisira pa by some of the tourists (local, national, etc..).

    I don’t know why there has been no action taken about this. All the politicians did was bragged about the beauty of these caves but they did nothing in return to either improve or preserve it.

    There was also an issue of the ‘royalty rights’ or whatever you call it regarding these caves. I’m not sure about it but I heard before when I was still there that the income generated from these tourist spots (caves) is divided 3 ways, namely, the province, municipal and the barangay. There was also this issue that these caves are registered as tourist spots of the province but not the municipality of Tublay,huh? (Any comments mga concern officials..hehe.) But I’m not sure if this is resolved already. Just commenting po.

    another blogger encouraged me kc to give comments and maybe blog about this matter pero all i have are speculations and am not sure of some facts..have to research pa..baka next year pa ung blog..lolz. naku takot ko lang..baka dami ko mabangga na mga pipol d2..wahuhu..huntingin pa ako…

    well..all for now…

    GBU ‘all!


  4. Hi Lovelyn,
    This taking remembrance have also happened in some Sagada caves. I think its the reason why one cave was closed to the public. Hopefully no one is doing it now. As you said, it takes years for these stalactites to form tapos biglang babasagin natin. Thanks.

    Hi FBI,
    Agree with you that in a lot of cases, hindi nakakatulong ang tourism sa atin. Pero minsan din it helps because locals learn to appreciate their own sites if it is appreciated by tourists.

    Ang masama ay kung ginagawang palabigasan ang isang site but nothing is being done to protect it.

    In terms of the income, siguro the barangay should get the bulk because they are the ones directly impacted. But they also should have most of the responsibility.

    Sige na, you blog about these caves na. I actually didn’t know that there are caves in Tublay. Maybe they are better than the Crystal Caves in Baguio ano? Thanks.

  5. Haynaku sir B, as I told u marami akong sama ng loob about those caves kaya baka kung ano pa masabi ko. But I will try to if I have a calmer attitude…hehe. Mejo kumukulo kc dugo ko e about the exploitation of those caves e…haay.

    There are a lot of these caves sa Ambongdolan, m not sure if there beauty can be compare to Crystal cave because I haven’t seen any of them yet. (Yes, hindi ko pa napasyalan ang loob ng caves sa aming lugar, shame on me…hehe.)Here is a link of our municipal’s website that I just stumbled upon today…hehe. I just looked now kc e.


    Naay ina…masadotak pay manong nga agblog about dagita nga caves.

    You can visit the site for the time being baka mas ad-adu ti makuna da idjay..hehehe


  6. Hi FBI,
    Thanks. Actually haven’t been to Baguio’s Crystal Cave also hehe. Those Ambongdolan caves must be the hidden beauties of Tublay.

    I will add a link to your post as an update on this blog. Thanks.

  7. Sure no problem sir B, inadd u na e, ano pang magagawa ko=)…hehe.

    Yes they really are hidden treasures to be treasured koma ngem haan met..ayna nagsanuongak manen..hehe.


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