6 thoughts on “Rafael Maniago’s Igorota”

  1. Thanks for the feature on this artist, Bill. I love art and would like to get a couple of pieces from Filipino artists. BTW< my cousin Emily in Japan posted some photos she took of Cordillera Day of your kailians.
    🙂 Maybe you can help ID some of them…


  2. Hi Omom,
    Will try to find more artistic work in the future. Didn’t know you love art. You might want to visit the Tam-awan village site [ tamawanvillage.com ]
    which has artworks of Cordillera artists.

    Yup, I know the person who gave the sermon, it’s Bishop Dixie Taclobao. Thanks.

    Hi Ferri and Jhie,
    Oo nga. Am still wondering if the artist used a model or if the painting is a product of his imagination. Thanks

  3. wow the painter is great…he/she reminds me of my canadian instructor before..they are both good in human rendering…nice artworks..thumbs up!!!

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