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“I have been to many provinces and people became rich because of jueteng. Let’s not be hypocrites. Politicians allow jueteng because they get extra money from this and jueteng gives livelihood to some.”
— Ifugao police director

“This is a command that we mandate you, the PNP (Philippine National Police) to follow. In Ifugao, the politicians are united against jueteng. Mayor Tennenan (Lamut), Cattiling (Alfonso Lista), Cuyahon (Kiangan), and Cabbigat (Lagawe) said they support the fight against jueteng.

“So the police have to follow these directives or else we will report to the higher command that the police are powerless to fight jueteng. And we will call for the ouster of those who cannot enforce this mandate.”
— Ifugao Governor Teddy Baguilat

Note: Above quotes were made during the recent meeting of the Ifugao Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC).

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10 thoughts on “Quotes of the Day”

  1. Those are nice quotes from the Ifugao Governor and Police Director. Obviously, they were said for PR purposes.

    For many, the quotes have a different translation: Hey, are you kidding. Don’t you want easy money? Of course, jueteng is here to stay.

  2. I agree. It’s just a “show.” It’s “political theatrics”- Philippine style.

  3. Hi two Anonymouses,
    Hehe, hindi ba believable yong sabi ni Baguilat? Cheers nga kuna ni Trublue 🙂

  4. Let’s not be too harsh regarding the Ifugao Police Director’s statement!! To me, it’s a powerful indictment about Jueteng, all the money trails!! Granted that Ifugao becomes jueteng FREE, people that are into this habit will trek to some bordering provinces where their “friendly kubrador” is patiently waiting…
    Ubingak pay laeng or musmos pa ako (Wil, are you taking note on musmos?), jueteng was alive and very much thriving NOW as it was years ago! Just curious what Danny
    F, current Baguio vice-mayor and former lady vice-mayor Lulu T would say about jueteng, as I know them personally. Jueteng is here to stay in the Philippines. Cheers and goodhealth…..

  5. I agree with Trublue’s comments: “Let’s not be too harsh regarding the Ifugao Police Director’s statement!”

    Instead, let’s take it with a grain of salt. C’mon, let’s not be naive! Since when did the politicians and police become serious with jueteng?

    All these blurbs about stopping jueteng are just part of the farcical show- the “moro-moro” of Philippine politics.

    As I’m writing this comment, I just called my “kubrador” to place my bet. He.he.he.

  6. Hi Trublue and Anonymous,
    Both of you should watch Kubrador, an indie film about a jueteng bet collector. Very good film, it won some awards in int’l film festivals.

    Hmmm, your comments prompted me to make a poll on this issue. Thanks.

  7. Here’s the honest truth about Jueteng, and hope most people should cease patronizing it, NOW.
    Operators are WINNERS, always! How
    you asked? Coz they CHEAT!
    Here’s how it’s done…hmmmm. Let me ask Bill first if it’s okay to expose jueteng’s deceit in his blog. To be continued, abangan!
    Cheers and goodhealth….

  8. Of course, our people know that there’s cheating in the game of jueteng. That’s given. After all, cheating is endemic in Philippine society.

    Our people patronize jueteng because- as the song goes….” your lucky number might come round. It’s the only game in town”…

    Oh, I just got a text message from “kubrador”: it looks like I hit the jackpot. He.he.he.

  9. Hi Trublue,
    Sure you can share how the cheating is done 🙂

    Hi Anonymous,
    Pabalato in case you win 🙂

  10. jueteng is jueteng you can’t just get rid of it,unless you do magic to get rid of numbers for life..

    but nweiz if you’re fighting against jueteng then it should be started by the numbers, the benjamins now are peoples life.

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