Adeline Dumapong in Action

Last year, we introduced you to Adeline Dumapong, a weight lifter from Ifugao who has been winning medals for the country. [In case you missed our posts about her, click here and here.] Now, here’s a video which features Adeline along with other Filipino weight lifters. Her segment starts after about two and a half minutes. Be inspired.

3 thoughts on “Adeline Dumapong in Action”

  1. That was really inspiring, Adeline looks very confident.

    Napansin ko lang, they speak Tag-lish…In Baguio during my time, we don’t do that except for the lowlanders though. Just wondering how they speak now?

  2. Hi Lovelyn,
    If I’m not mistaken this gym is in Manila so they speak Taglish. I may be wrong though 🙂

    I think more and more people in the Cordilleras are speaking Tagalog now. I think its mainly because of the growing prevalence of TV in the region. Thanks.

  3. i wish cordillera can come-up with a sport same as THE STRONGMAN CHALLENGE ( (the WORLD'S STRONGEST MAN is its extreme form where athletes pull airplanes and flip cars). it would be exciting to watch different athletes from each igorot tribe compete to one another for the title CORDILLERA's STRONGEST MAN. the strongman competition has a program of usually 10 contests formulated from mythologies (e.g. atlas stone: heavy boulders are lifted to pedestals), powerlifting (e.g. the deadlift: heaviest possible weight loaded to a barbell is lifted from the floor at waist height), and heavy labor (the superyoke: a yoke with attached heavy weights at both sides is carried to a distance the shortest time possible). imagination can be used for originality in formulation of own contests fit for igorot heritage (e.g. heavy spear throw…the farthest?. there was a time in the early contests that the scandinavian athletes introduced some parts of their heritage (e.g. long viking axe held with 2 arms fully extended and the one who can maintain the position the longest wins). here is wikipedia's site for more info:

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