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“We have to ensure that deserving students from the province could be accorded a descent (emphasis supplied) education so that they could be able to uplift the economic standing of their respective families in the future. The full scholarship program must be spared from the political maneuvering of disgruntled sectors who could not admit that we were able to initiate the realization of the program.” — Mt. Province Congressman Victor Dominguez.

Apparently, our second favorite Cordiyera Congressman is restoring “his” scholarship program. Read the full story at Northern Philippine Times.

Our take: Yeah we do need descent education. With his help, the students will descend to the level of beggars that Mt. Province people have become famous for. Apparently, that was the purpose of the Congressman when he originally asked students to write him letters to request that they be included in “his” scholarship program.

The cynical side of me thinks that the Congressman is now making “his” scholarship program applicable to all MPSPC students mainly because not a lot of students wrote him to beg. What do you think? But maybe he really saw the light?

Okay, let’s give kudos to the Congressman for spending his pork barrel on the education of the youth. As we said somewhere in this blog, it is an inspired way of using public funds. Not a lot of legislators are doing that. And as the Congressman keeps on saying, MPSPC is indeed the first state university to “implement a full scholarship program”. This is so mainly because of him.

But let us be clear that these are public funds. It is not as if the Congressman is using his personal money to give Christmas gifts to kids at MPSPC who are getting descent education.

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INFO SOURCE: Dexter See/Northern Philippine Times. IMAGE CREDIT: The Hindsight Factor.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Hi Bill,

    Very well said and thanks a lot! The post awakens us (and I hope including the MPSPC president ah!)to the fact that the scholarship comes from THE PEOPLE not the congressman who is beng paid from our taxes to DESCEND from the cordiyera to the “holes” of congress in Manira! The post guards against the innocents’ further DESCENT to the halls of ignorance! Salamat kasin!

  2. Hay naaaaa…!this issue has left me nearly jaded and while I have not yet reached the point of being totally jaded,I am triggering/urging the imagination of student leaders of MPSPC, primarily to rise up and question this indiscriminate act of the congressman to award scholarship to some while not awarding to some.Dear MPSPC students/leaders, the future of the province lies in a responsibly critical youth.Please be one.

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