Project Watch: Tourism Online Database at P97.1 Million

If there is one thing that online communications taught us, it is that you can do things cheaply. So why is the Department of Science and Technology proposing to spend P97.1 million (that’s a little over US$ 2 million) to build a tourism online database?

Granted we do not know the details of this project, but if the goal is to “build an online tourism database for Sagada and Banaue” and to “provide the medium for digital (travel) transactions directly from consumers to service providers” surely they can do it for much much less, say P500,000. Maybe P1 million to be a bit more generous. Boy, do we smell a fish?

From Sunstar Baguio:
Internet link for Sagada, Banaue proposed

TO FURTHER boost tourism arrivals in the region, Internet connectivity of the major tourist destinations here was proposed.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is working for the development of an online database for Banaue, Ifugao and Sagada, Mountain Province. The plan is among the major components of the agency’s project on eco-tourism development for Sagada and Banaue.

Enhancing the information and communications technology in Cordillera is expected to boost the competitiveness of the region’s tourism industry, the DOST said.

The proposed Internet connection, with a budget of P6 million, would be established in the ethnic villages that would be identified and in tourist information centers.

It further aims to provide the medium for digital (travel) transactions directly from consumers to service providers.

It also targets to improve the provision of information needs of stakeholders of the tourism industry and to lower traditional communication costs of local tourism-related businesses.

The development of an online database for Sagada and Banaue is one of the high impact projects being proposed by the DOST.

Initial funding for the proposal amounts to a total of P97.1 million, including expenses for monitoring.

The online database would complement the plan to strengthen existing local tourist information centers by focusing on the promotion and advocacy components. (JC)

INFO SOURCE: Sunstar Baguio.

11 thoughts on “Project Watch: Tourism Online Database at P97.1 Million”

  1. With that amount of money, they could buy computers and give it away to the residents of the said place. Free computers, Internet ready plus tutorials ‘siguro ang target nila’ 🙂

    I wonder what are the thoughts of our Kailiyans from there about this.

    Bill that would mean your mom could have access to your blog ‘na’.

  2. Hi Lovelyn,
    I was also wondering whether that is what they are planning to do because I can’t imagine spending that much money just to have a database and to serve as a contact point for tourists.

    Hehe, if she will read my blog maybe I should better start behaving and stop booing those “boo-able” kailiyans ano. Thanks.

    Hi Ferri,
    Oo nga 🙁 Siguro they will recreate the information superhighway hehe.

    Interesting too that they are using “high tech” or “magic” words such as digital transactions, etc. etc. Siyempre, local officials won’t ask about what digital transactions are because they don’t want to appear clueless. Thanks 🙂

  3. what i know with that project, it has 8 major components pero parang replica rin lang ito ng Broadband deal…The project has eight major components, which includes, among others, the establishment of ethnic villages in selected sites, which showcase the various cultures and practices of indigenous peoples; development of online database for the two pilot areas; management of natural hazards, which include the development of research on the existing farming system in the Banaue Rice Terraces; and provision of research and development support.

    pero sobra sobra pa rin ang 97 million or are they trying to build a small city?

  4. hi there!! as a part time Guide here in SAGADA, that would be a great great relief for us.. at least we need not go to computer shops for Tourist transactions anymore. i hope they will provide us computers and other equipments for free.. hehehe

    but the amount of money spent is insanely high. i hope they put em to good use..

  5. Hi Nats,
    Ay ganoon ba? Thanks for the info. Andami naman nilang gustong gawin hehe. Sana we can get a copy of the proposal so we can do an “informed” critique ano. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Anonymous,
    With all that money, dapat naman they provide guides with computers and internet connection to use.

    Hey, merong blog ang isang grupo ng Sagada guides. Very good. I should add it to the blog roll.

    Thanks 🙂

  6. hehehe… Bill thanks, i would really appreciate it if you add our blog.. i am a Newbie in Blog making but at least i started.

    In Sagada, there is a new Group of Guides, they are called the “saggas”

  7. That’s not only fishy, that is stinky! What the hell are they going to build? A database farm? Technology is so freaking cheap now. There is Linux! Ok, just say they need Oracle but it doesn’t cost that much! $2 million dollars is ALOT of money for a database project even for here in the US. You can buy terabytes of disks,have redundancy, parallel RAID5 servers for a fraction of that cost. Who is going to do it? Are they going to contract it out to Oracle Corporation who charges $1,000/hour?

  8. Hi Anonymous,
    I just added your blog 🙂 You’re doing a great job promoting Sagada. We hope you continue to join us here. It’s okay to be a newbie, after all, we all were newbies once. Thanks.

    Hi mygoodfinds,
    >> Technology is so freaking cheap now.
    My thoughts exactly. And I’m glad that we have a person like you who is knowledgeable this kind of technology to to critique them.

    Although, in fairness to them, hindi lang yata online database ang plano nilang gawin. Hopefully, we can see their project proposal so we can get a clearer picture. Thanks 🙂

  9. Hi Bill,
    The proposal will have to include construction of the building with a dedicated room rated for the servers. Fire, typhoon and earthquake proof. It should have a dedicated set of generators capable of at least 72 hours operating time. The proposal should include offsite back-up site that has dedicated servers for this service alone. 2 dedicated leased line connection from different providers for redundancy. I wonder what bandwidth they will propose?

    I wonder who is going to do the software. I just hope that the OS will be Linux or Unix based and not Microsoft. Look I use MS for my PC but not for my servers. 🙂

  10. Hi Mygoodfinds,
    Thanks much. Let’s see if they will be able to come up with this given the amount they will be spending 🙂

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