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  1. Are those real tattoos? Look at the designs, sakit nun a. Those have meanings I suppose.

    My late Lola had one on her wrist. Sort of like a bracelet.

  2. Hi Lovelyn,
    I also can’t say if they are real. Siguro they are because these are old men wearing them.

    From what I’ve heard, men have to earn there tattoos. So hindi siya basta-basta inilalagay. Maybe its also true with the women.


  3. I heard that among some Cordillera ethnolinguistic groups, only the kadangyan women could have tattoes on their bodies.

    My student Arthur Odsey and I interviewed last week a tattooed ifontok woman. She said she paid P3.00 plus food for the art work on her arms in the 1930’s. That was much then, she says.

    Ang galing ng art natin, ano?

  4. Yeah you’re right there Chyt only the kadangyans could have tattoos on their bodies during those days as they can pay for it with 1 water buffallo(artwork on both arms)

  5. So a water buffalo cost P3.00 in the 1930’s? Now, the amount cannot even buy a toy water buffalo! It cannot even buy one biogesic in the sari-sari store.

    Ay, inayan.

  6. Hi Chyt,
    Ay isu? Thanks for the info. Ano kaya ang equivalent ng P3 ngayon. Maybe P3,000? Thanks 🙂

    Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks. Maybe tattoing is a lucrative enterprise back then ano. Imagine having lots of carabaos to work the fields. Thanks again.

    Hi Chyt,
    Inayan tet-ewa. And we keep on saying that we have progressed and that we are better off than our ancestors. Thanks 🙂

  7. Hi Pagano,
    Oo nga 🙂

    Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks. Ang galing ng ink (or is it charcoal) na ginamit nila because it looks very fresh.

  8. the tattoo is a symbol of bravery, earned after you have killed someone in a headhunting expedition before… for women it is a symbol of fortune, only for the rich…the tattoo is done using four needles with a charcoal from pine tree as ink… visit http://kalingatambayan.com/About.htm for more details…

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