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  1. Yay! This reminds me of college days where we had to carry our packs and stuff and then walk through the landslide to transfer to another bus at the other end. The students, who had a sack of rice or a box of vegetables, were the unfortunate ones.

    It’s so depressing to see that the road conditions don’t seem to change. Yes, Sir B, let’s form a monitoring committee! =)

  2. whoa… so this was one of the landslides my climb buddies were talking about. they went to ifugao this weekend and i was supposed to go with them (but had a wedding to attend yesterday in nueva ecija). i was informed that they were not able to go down to manila because of landslides and had to stay a night with one of the locals to try their luck the next day (today).

  3. Hi Layad,
    Oo nga, it’s the same old rugged road. Okay lang sana kung rugged lang, ang kaso eh merong namamatay.

    Sige nga, I’ll try to contact some Cordi-based bloggers because they’re the ones who are really seeing what’s happening and can get the facts/details.


    Hi Arcibald,
    Yeah, some parts of Cordi become inaccessible during the rainy season. Hope your friends were able to get transportation before this new typhoon starts. Much thanks.

  4. Hi Banguedenio,
    I think it will push through. There was a plan to change the schedule but I think they will push through with the October election. Thanks 🙂

  5. this should have not happened if only MONEY alloted for the improvement for this portion of the halsema had been used wisely!!!! But it never was… the improvement of this portion, according to the contract documents, started march 23, and should have been finished by MAY… the payment, intended for mobilization of materials and equipments were paid but you know what fellas??? it was used to buy votes for the desperate old man— VICTOR S. DOMINGUEZ that’s the truth behind the delays and the substandard works presently being done in the mountain Province area… I pitty some of the honest and faithful engineers of the DPWH-MPDEO who have to close their eyes and ears to what’s going on… these engineers, in fairness are more of good intentions than many think, but they are being held at the neck by VICTOR!!!!! there would have been no accidents like these ones if only proper procedures of the contract were followed… but as I have said the TWO HIGHEST OFFICIALS OF THE DPWH-MPDEO are playing slaves (????) to victor( or are they also being shared with the people’s money he is keeping???) Dare me to name names and events and I can do it…

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