Democracy in Action

Those of you who did not vote in the previous May elections, either because you are not based in the Philippines or because you believe that voting is a waste of time since the deservedly much-maligned and now resigned COMELEC Chair won’t count your vote anyway, have another chance to exercise your democratic right to vote.

How? By voting for two kailiyans, Chris Longey and Charlie (sorry we don’t know his last name) , who are running for an interesting post in Korea.

What position? The “King of Filipino Migrants in South Korea”. Seriously, we are not joking about that title. Visit this Visayas/Mindanao blog to vote for either Chris or Charlie. Unfortunately, because they are competing for the same title, the two will end up dividing the Cordillera votes between them.

Unfortunately too, no one from the Cordilleras is in the running for the “Queen” title. Maybe next year ano? Especially if, by a weird twist of fate, Gandang Igorota or FBI find themselves in Korea next year. Full blast ang campaign natin kung sakali 🙂

Anyways, according to Cordilove Networks, the Cordillera Brotherhood Organization is supporting both Chris and Charlie in their quest for a kingdom. Good luck to you guys!

We don’t know when the voting will end so make sure you vote now.

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5 thoughts on “Democracy in Action”

  1. Haha..gaya ng sabi niyo sir B, weird twist of fate pag mapunta ako ng Korea…hehe.

    Hindi ba pwedeng candidate si Ate Layad/Fongakhan?…hehe,

    Shalom all!


  2. Nyahahaha… Inpasubo dak pay ni adingko FBI! Weird twist of fate din pag ako sumali doon. Who knows, ading FBI, baka makabirok ka ti Koreano ket makaapan tayo ijay Korea =)

    Sir B, I voted for Charlie hehehe… Cute siya! =) Kaso parang nananalo ung si Chris. Haaaii, I think I spend too much time on the web, lahat pinapatulan pati pagboto sa anik-anik hehe..

  3. Hi FBI,
    Hindi, we will make Fongakhan the Queen of Filipinos in Singapore kasi andoon na siya. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Layad,
    Hehe, buti naman may bumoto. I was wondering whether may papatul kasi hindi tayo mahilig sa mga ganitong pa-contest 🙂


  4. Hi Cordilove,
    You’re welcome. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for pointing out the CBO blog. I added it to the blog links.

    Good luck to the Cordi candidates. Thanks 🙂

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