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Our photo of the day shows Baguio City officials during their visit to the City of Vaughn in Canada to celebrate the tenth year anniversary of the “twinning” of the two cities.

Read the story at and, in case you missed Imie’s reflections on this visit, you can read it here. Thanks to Imie for forwarding the link to us.

Now, check out our LOLCAT below. It’s not really LOL funny but you gotta respect officials, you know.
PHOTO CREDITS: via (which inexplicably cut out one person in the first picture above).

12 thoughts on “Photo (and Lolcat) of the Day”

  1. Hi, Bill.
    Explain natin ‘yung inexplicable. The grapevine whispers that the Mayor (respecting his wife’s wish) shields her from the public eye, as much as possible. Kaya naputol ‘yung picture sa Inquirer…malamang napaki-usapan ‘yung medyas sa Inquirer at hindi nasabi sa Ugnayan.

  2. Si Tabora, talagang nidnocarz. If we were to believe Weygan, si Bautista naman ay DENYnidnocarz.

  3. Hi Anon 5:07,
    Your explanation makes a lot of sense. Thanks πŸ™‚

    Hi Anon 5:10,
    Between Weygan and Bautista mas kapanipaniwala si Weygan. Thanks.

    Hi Trublue,
    Hehe πŸ™‚

  4. ano ba napapala sa mga sister-sister city eklat na yan?

    NASHMAN—ano fi! Eh di eklat-eklat travel for the mayor and councilors; pati na rin the wives, daughters, personal secretary and the wife na rin. At least mas mukhang official kesa $20 milyones carz.


    From Midland Courier:
    A resolution co-authored by majority of the councilors reads: β€œThere exist unhealthy and disastrous situations that will always taint the good governance of the affair of the city if its chief executive will be tolerated to lie.

    The mayor said that it is unfortunate the councilors are taking too seriously news reports regarding the car plan budget as he claimed he never denied he has prior knowledge on the plan.

  6. Addendum:

    The councilors have said that before Bautista and councilor Antonio Tabora Jr. left for the United States last month, the mayor has invited the councilors last Nov. 12 where he mentioned the availability of funds that could be used to purchase the service cars of the officials.

  7. Hi Nashman,
    I echo Anonymous 8:25 hehe.

    Hi Anonymous 8:25,
    My thoughts exactly. Thanks.

    Hi Anonymous 5:28/5:29,
    Thanks for the info. Hah maybe we should do a poll on who is lying between the mayor and the councilors. Thanks.

  8. Everyone, the sister city is beneficial to all of us. It is an exposure to the world about our beautiful city back home. Right now, they have “student exchange” program from the schools which gives Baguio city students an opportunity to “expand” their views and see other cultures which might help for their aspirations “to reach the stars”. For Canadian kids, it will give them a wider view of other cultures such as ours.

    So a sister city is NOT the problem. And mayor and the Councilors visits are important for their “education” also. To see a city with better infrastructure, etc. Extravagance is what I commented on and I think that is what the problem is.

  9. Hi Imie,
    Thanks for pointing out the benefits of city sisterhood. You’re right of course. So long as officials do not use it as an excuse to go on junkets, then there’s nothing wrong with having sister cities/provinces.

    Off topic: I visited your blog and website. They both look great. I’m adding your blog to the links. Thanks πŸ™‚

  10. Right now, they have “student exchange” …….

    Imie, sinu-sino naman ang mga naipapadala diyan sa Vaughn? Baka naman mga anak din ng mga opisyal at kanilang mga alipuyon. Kung meron mang mga exchange students na galing sa mga ordinaryong pamily (e.g. anak ng taxi driver o ng market vendor sa Hilltop) ay papalakpakan ko ang pakikipag-sister ng Baguio. Oo nga pala, maganda ring makapagbasa ng anumang news o feature tungkol sa mga Baguio exchange students sa Vaughn, meron ba sa blog mo?

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