5 thoughts on “Jackie Chan as an Igorot”

  1. This guy is just hilarious, just make an ass of yourself most of the time, and you’ll be set for life. Cheers!

  2. ohh, these caricatures of jackie chan are cute and awesome, i never thought jackie chan would fit into every possible character, cool^^

  3. Hi Trublue,
    Oo nga. Hope I can do that too. Hehe. Thanks.

    Hi Lord,
    It’s also funny that practically all those drawings focused on his big nose. Thanks.

    Hi Ganda,
    The color of the bedbed (headress) looks like a Kankanaey weaving to me. Don’t know about the coat and (tie) though. Haven’t seen that color combination so far. Thanks.

    Hi Kayni,
    Oo nga. Singkit din kasi hehe.

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