The One Where I Say Things About Myself


Surfer dude Wil Reyes, who traces his roots from Sagada (you should look out for his next post about his trip to Baguio), tagged me to tell you ten things I would never do. I am a “never say never” kind of guy but I have to come up with something. It would be fun to look at this list a year from now and see whether I’ve been true to myself. So here are the Ten Things I Would Never Do:

  • I will never buy a copy of the Philippine Daily Inquirer again.*
  • I will never buy a new cellphone model so I can show it off to people.
  • I will never live a lifestyle I cannot afford nor aspire to a lifestyle that goes against my values.
  • I will never be jealous of the success of others.
  • I will never watch a movie where one of the characters drops into a village and shouts, “Do anyone of you speak English.”
  • I will never tolerate intolerance.
  • I will never be late for meetings/appointments.
  • I will never forget that I am an Igorot.
  • I will never support war and violence.
  • I will never fail to thank God for his blessings.

*EXPLANATION re the Inquirer: I used to buy a copy everyday but the paper has gone trashy with pages and pages and pages of ads and lifestyle stories and ads and lifestyle stories. But I will occasionally visit PDI’s online version for Conrad de Quiros’ columns and for reports about the Cordilleras. PDI should thank God for its very good regional correspondents.

So that’s it. I am tagging the following:

  • Kalanguya blogger Ironheart (who wrote very perceptive posts about our “No sorry, no thank you culture” and the importance of Minority Language Education);
  • iTabuk but now U.S.-based Kayni (who meditates on being both an American and a Filipino/Ilocano/Igorot in her post here);
  • Chico River who has an interesting piece on the “Igorot Salad“;
  • Alvin who has an inspiring story about how a group of Sadanga students made a positive influence in their community. If I’m not mistaken, Alvin also administers the Social Focus Blog, where you can read about the DSWD’s work in the Cordilleras;
  • Imnas, whose creative photographs, make ordinary things look special. See pictures of Camp John Hay here and here.
  • and Langfia Ayeona who has very good pictures of the Cordilleras (in her blog and here).

Its your turn folks! You CANNOT say, “Pass” 🙂

PHOTO CREDIT: Chanrobles for the Erap poster.

6 thoughts on “The One Where I Say Things About Myself”

  1. That was fast! thanks for doing the meme. 😀 btw, i’m only a wannabe surfer. notice the small waves in my pic. 😉 i’m still working my way up to being an actual surfer. hehe

  2. yea, i’ve read Wil’s meme, and now yours… hmm, i am a pathologic procrastinator… but we’ll see:)

  3. Wil,
    You’re welcome. Basta you’re still a surfer kasi you know how to surf, ako clueless 🙂

    Oy ganda and bagong blog mo ah. Okay lang if I include it in the bloglist. I can’t comment kasi in your multiply blog eh. Looking forward to your meme. Bawal ang procastinator he he.

  4. sige lang po, add me.. thanks! did u get the translation u asked? sent it via my gmail acct this AM.

  5. alfredo virina is looking for his son his name is karl miko, his mom brought him to france and never heard from him again. if any body knows any info on miko please please email me at thanks very much.

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