Will Igorots Be Starstruck With Paulo Avelino?

This video is an apt example of our (as well as a commenter’s) earlier point that Igorots just do not get easily starstruck with celebrities. Baguio/Makati boy Paulo Lingbanan Avelino (his mom is from Sagada, Bauko, and Bontoc and his dad is from Samar) — a contestant in GMA-7’s Starstruck — recently campaigned for text votes in Baguio and, compared to his fellow contestants, his supporters are not too many and they are kind of reserved too. Paulo’s segment is right in the middle of the video.

The whole video is hilarious. Or maybe the right word is “saddening”; it is sad that these kids are acting like (or being made to act like) politicians. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Ano ba yan GMA-7, what lessons are you trying to impart to your young viewers? Some choice quotes:

“Gagawin ko ang lahat para makatulong sa inyo balang araw.”
“Hopefully if I win, makikilala tayo sa buong mundo.”
“Hindi ko lang laban to, laban natin lahat to.”
“Tutulungan ko ang mga mahihirap.”

And Paulo? Thankfully, hindi naman unbelievable ang kanyang promise. Magpapaparty daw siya sa Baguio pag nanalo! So, if you want to see whether he will fulfill his promise or if you just want to support him, then vote for him here. You’ll also find details about him in his Friendster account. Here’s some pictures, in case you do not want to click the Friendster link kasi baka mapagkamalan kang fanatic 🙂

By the way Paulo (let’s pretend he googled himself and found this blog), the way you pronounce Igorot is not really the correct way of pronouncing it. Ask your mom.

UPDATE: The above Friendster account we linked to turns out to be a fake account. It’s not actually Paulo’s but by someone else. So for more information about Paulo, you can visit his Starstruck blog.

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12 thoughts on “Will Igorots Be Starstruck With Paulo Avelino?”

  1. hahahah… Hilarious!

    I especially love the promise of fame. I never knew Starstruck made such claims. All the young stars (or wannabe stars) just look alike.

    It’s fun how you pointed out that people from Baguio don’t go gaga over celebrities. I guess it must be the altitude. :p

    Bilig? Are you in any way connected with the owners of the Bilig Cafe in Sagada? The one behind the municipal hall? was just there last December.

  2. alternati,
    Ha ha. You got me there. Bill Bilig is actually a pseudonym 🙂 It’s derived from the Kankanaey word “bilig” which means mountain; “bilbilig” is the plural form of the word, i.e., mountains. I think the Bilig Cafe is also named after “bilig”. But to answer your question, no I’m not connected to the owners. But then again, maybe I am kasi iSagadas have common ancestors.

  3. yeah, it is kinda sad to see these contestants pandering for votes. On the other hand, i suppose people enjoy watching this stuff b/c otherwise the show would’ve been cancelled long ago. btw, i was in baguio and walking along magsaysay when i saw that paulo thing going on. there were no screaming fans, it seems. just curious onlookers. poor paulo. hehe

  4. I was having a conversation with a classmate of mine which suddenly led to Marky Cielo. Despite being from SLU, he wasn’t a hot item. We came to the conclusion that Baguio(and Cordilleran) folks are not really into artistas or big personalities. Hehehe. Pepe Smith whom you can see walking ’round downtown isn’t chased by people

    I noticed something though with the Starstruck Igorot candidates… they are half Bisaya..Hehe. Isn’t it that Marky’s dad is Bisaya from Butuan? Just noticed.

  5. I remember years ago when I was studyin’ in baguio and ASAP did their thing at the Melvin Jones G’stand. The stage director had a hard time begging the audience to atleast give an applause after each number! When Dayanara Torres danced a diluted Igorot dance, I heard a scream or two. But believe me, what was so audible was a loud murmur where everyone is sayin’ “Alla! Nakakutkuttong met dayta!” It was when then Mayor Domogan came up the stage that the crowd acted like a ‘crowd!’ The audience gave the mayor a standing ovation! I mean like Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, Jolina Magdangal, Pretty Pink, and many more were there but the audience care more about seeing themselves on TV (people wave at the cam everytime it swoop on them) than being a fan.

  6. Wil,
    You’re right! The video shows curious onlookers rather than fans/supporters. Poor Paulo indeed, but I’m sure he knows that about Baguio people so probably he’s not surprised.

    I also heard about that. I also heard that SLU daw discourages and does not support students getting into talent shows like this because it distracts them from getting an education. If true, then thank God for SLU.

    The country’s best movie/entertainment talents are Bisaya so its not surprising. Buti nga nahahalo sila sa atin para naman maengganyo tayo na sumali sa mga ganito. Although Igorots are really not into this artista thing, I think its good if some of us get into the industry because they will increase our visibility and can potentially change the negative stereotypes about us. Kaya Go Marky! And go Paulo na rin! He he, para akong fanatic.

    LOL. I can imagine the crowd saying nakakutkutong met dayta. When Gary Valenciano, who is a UN ambassador of goodwill or something, performed in Sagada people were just “Duh! What’s up with the dancing and prancing around?”

  7. wwooaahhh i like this place..

    the criticizing and everything


    ang tagl nya na sa baguio d

    pa nya alm yung mga tga baguio

    hnd mahilig sa ARTISTA!

  8. Hi Anon,
    Hehe. Thanks. We try to be critical and we also try to be fair or at the very least we make sure that we have a factual basis if we do critique someone. In Paulo’s case, merong siyang shortcomings (hindi marunong magsalita ng Kankanaey, hindi masyado rooted sa kultura, at baka hindi nga niya alam na walang hilig ang iBaguio sa mga artista, etc. etc.) but meron din siyang potential to do good things for our people, i.e., increasing our visibility and changing Igorot stereotypes. Thanks for joining us 🙂

  9. hi there!

    I just came across this thing…pretty cool!!

    Anyhow,I find these kids, out of intermarriages (i mean, highlander and lowlander) are more likely ignorant about their own roots..i think..
    e.g.. my cousins are mix bisaya and mt. province, although they grew up in Baguio, still it’s obvious, that they know few things about their Igorot roots…tsk..tsk..they can’t even speak a few kankanaey..or even speak ilocano at home..it’s so sad..but yeah, these mixes are good looking, (hehe..improving the race)..but yeah, i’ve seen mixes and umm..it’s a good one..

    However, these Igorot parents who intermarried should educate their children about our culture, that they may not be ignorant of their own.

  10. Hi Anon,
    Thanks for visiting. And I’m glad you found us 🙂 You are right, malaki talaga ang responsibility ng parents in teaching their kids about our culture. Kaya I agree with Sandati when s/he stated in his/her blog that parents should not kill a facet of our culture within their homes. In fairness to Paulo’s mom, inaamin naman niya na may pagkukulang siya sa hindi pagturo ng Kankanaey sa kanyang mga anak. Thanks again 🙂

  11. halu Bilig,
    hayyyyy…. it’s one thing, that parents should do.

    Though yeah, i’ve seen half-half kids speak our dialect, because..because..they were raised up in the province..but for kids, who were raised up here in Baguio, ayyy…you don’t expect them to know it..especially, if the mom’s the Igoy. Trust me, almost all of my cousins, and all the kids i know, who are half half, know nothing at all about our dialect..all they know, is that their mom is Igoy and so, it makes them half Igorot.period.hehe..

    p.s..hehe..it’s one thing that these MOTHERS, should take note of..

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