7 thoughts on “Nan Ina/Alapo Tako”

  1. Nice find Bill.

    Visited the photographer’s site and he is good. BUT, ‘magaling na nga’ he still ‘photoshops’ his work.

    ‘Nakakabilib yung mga’ “traditional” photographers who are confident with their shots and doesn’t depend on “editing”. Oh well, guess that’s another way of catching up with the modern world!

    Very nice make over here. I like it. More power to this blog – keep it up!

  2. Hi Lovelyn,
    Ganoon ba? I didn’t realize that some pictures were photoshopped. I’m clueless kasi on how that is done and how to spot a photoshopped picture.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. i wonder if it’s a good idea to bare her identity, but i think the lady in the picture is the sister of one of mountain province’s past governors. she must have come from the fields, waiting for a ride home… she really reminds us of our grannies.

    maybe she’s thinking ‘ay tungona pay di gumawisan nan ili tako?’:-)

  4. thanks for the photo credit but next time, do inform me about grabbing photos.

    nice site. 🙂

    ps. “photoshop” is still part of digital photographer’s workflow, purists or otherwise. 🙂

  5. The pic reminded me of some of my kababayans that I saw when me and my friends went to Banawe and the Mountain Province. People there say that there are persons who live to more than a hundred years old! And with your pic and all, it could be true, kabayan!

    By the way, I’ve submitted an entry to a local contest – 2007 Wika Project. It focuses on Filipino as our national language. If you have time, please vote for my article (if you like the piece, of course).

    The URL is at http://anitokid.blogspot.com/2007/08/filipino-bonding-nation-and-its-people.html

    The poll will start on August 20 12:00am up to August 25 11:59:59pm (Philippine time).

    Much thanks!

  6. Hi Kayni,
    Thanks 🙂

    Hi Pagano,
    Hehe, good suggestion about what she is thinking.

    Hi Jepaperts,
    Oops. Will do that the next time around. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Anitokid,
    Just voted for you. Puwede bang paulit-ulit? Thanks.

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