Ti Daga/The Land

Here’s a music video, Ti Daga, produced by the Dap-ayan ti Kultura ti Kordilyera (DKK). The song talks about how our lives are very much connected to our land.

Part of the lyrics goes:

Nagramutan ti puli
Nagpakatan ti ili
Nag-adalan ti ugali
Pag-awidan ti umili

Pagtakderan ti balay
Pagmulaan ti pagay
Pag-inanaan ti natay
Iti daytoy a bantay

DKK is a group based in Baguio which has been doing a good job of communicating the social problems of our region through music and theater.

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9 thoughts on “Ti Daga/The Land”

  1. Hmmm… I thought the title of this song was ‘Ti Daga’. We performed it in college during a show that our Cordilleran org came up with. It brings back memories of college days =) Thanks, Sir B!

  2. Hi Layad,
    Thanks. Just a clarification: So is the correct title “Ti Daga” or are you just wondering whether you got the correct title back then. Para palitan ko yung post title kung sakaling mali pala. Hindi din kasi ako sigurado. Thanks again 🙂

  3. Ahehehe… If you are not sure, Sir B, then it is ‘Ti Daga’ (unless someone corrects me also). Thanks!

  4. The correct title is “Ti Daga”, originally by Salidummay> I don’t know the year, but I like this song. I have some of their albums in our house, and I have acquaintances with some of the members of the group. Usually we get to see each other during Cordillera day celebrations. They’re the best. I’d love to live in Corillera. I have lived in Abra for two years and the natives are so warm with their visitors. They are very generous, hospitable, and with a sense of humor. Nice blog. Maybe we could exchange links? To share my other experiences with you. Keep it up. ^_^

  5. Hi Ilocano Blogger,
    Hey, thanks a lot. I guess it is settled then that Ti Daga is the correct title since there are now two of you saying that such is the case 🙂

    Sure, let’s exchange links. I added your blog to my blogroll. It’s good to meet a fellow northerner in the net 🙂

  6. Nice songs.. can i have some? mahilig ako sa mga chants and songs ng Cordillera region eh..

  7. Hi freinds,

    I came across this blog while checking on the song “Ti Daga” as I thought the title was. Now, I checked it and was informed that the the title is “Daga A Nagtaudan” by Salidummay

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