The List: More on Capt. Ruben Guinolbay

Capt. Guinolbay escorted to court.

Capt. Guinolbay during a hearing. God, he’s kinda thin.

I have not been following the developments regarding the trial of Ifugao’s Capt. Ruben Guinolbay. If you remember from our previous posts about him (here and here), Captain Guinolbay is a medal of valor awardee who is now on trial for his alleged participation in an alleged attempt by some military elements to unseat she-who-must-not-be-named or the-one-also-known-as-Gollum (“Malaca├▒ang is mine, mine, mine. My preciousssss.”) Fortunately, Ellen Tordesillas has been extensively covering the military trial and in one of her comments to her posts she states:

“My observation of the accused officers, the detention and the difficulties they are subjected to, have not broken their spirit. They are as defiant as ever of Gloria Arroyo and Esperon.

Capt. Ruben Guinolbay, another medal of valor awardee, was heard telling a JAG [Judge Advocate General], ‘Nagsa-submit na nga kami sa proseso, binababoy pa kami.’ The military lawyer could only mumble,’Pasensya ka na.Trabaho lang ito’.”

I’ve no idea of the reason that prompted Captain Guinolbay to say what he is quoted as saying but it would seem that a pre-trial investigation report recommended the dismissal of the charge (of attempting to create a mutiny) filed against Guinolbay and his co-accused. Despite said recommendation, military authorities still went ahead and charged these officers and continue to keep them in detention. Let’s hope that Guinolbay is being treated well, mukha kasi siyang payat sa kanyang picture.

By the way, this is the reason why Captain Guinolbay was given his medal of valor: “Capt. Ruben Buyucan Guinolbay and his men just came from Southern Luzon after Scout Ranger training when they were ambushed by Abu Sayyaf elements in Lamitan, Basilan. They stood their ground. Some fell and died. Others were wounded. Under intense fire, Guinolbay carried civilians to safety and directed his men in a successful counterattack. For his gallantry in action, he was recommended for the country’s highest military honor, the Medal of Valor.” [Source:]

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  1. Today is the year of the Pig. Hence, I will put up pictures of Gloria Macapal Arroyo on my wall to remind me that it is the year of the Pig.

  2. LOL. Hindi ka ba natatakot? Baka biglang mabuhay ang picture at sakalin ka. Maghanda ka na lang ng tali(kung posible yong gawa ng elves) para panlaban at pantali na rin sa pig ­čÖé Thanks for visiting.

  3. i’ve met gma twice. she is really an evil hobbit bitch. i’ve met esperon once, now he’s a typical gma lackey….

  4. Lackey also describes some (or maybe most) Cordillera Congressmen. Naging alipores sila ni GMA because of pork.

  5. The hearings have been an exercise in oppression. General Esperon convened the court martial. Then he volunteered to be a witness. But he was also involved in the incident (hence his volunteerism). And he is also the person who overturned the pre-trial investigation report that exonerated most of the Scout Rangers, including Capt. Guinolbay. Gen. Esperon is also the reviewing authority. Talk about being fried in your own fat.

  6. Hi Feelingera,
    This Esperon is really something, no. Our only consolation is that I don’t think history will portray him in a positive light. Lalabas at lalabas pa rin na sina Guinolbay, et. al. are being unjustly prosecuted.

  7. Sayang met ti young years da spending their life with useless accusation, while rebel separatist, murderers are free roaming Mindanao. This principled “kaillian” Gentlemen were being incancerated. The truth shall set you free. asidegen and God bless

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