Know Your Officials: Baguio City Mayor Peter Rey Bautista

For the sake of Baguio, let’s hope he delivers on his promises na “walang SOP, walang red tape, walang graft, walang corruption, walang bahid-dungis, walang pulitika. Trabaho lang.” It’s a tall order but not an impossible task.

We will crown Peter Rey as the Jesse Robredo of the Cordilleras if he delivers. If he doesn’t, we will crown him as another promising but failed politician. Go go Peter Rey! Be our Jesse Robredo!

P.S. What’s “bahid dungis”?

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5 thoughts on “Know Your Officials: Baguio City Mayor Peter Rey Bautista”

  1. I’m taking a stab of what “bahid dungis” means, think he’s referring to his clean reputation as Mayor to be intact and will not be soiled by any of his detractors. Ang haba ng explanation ko no? But that’s my final answer!
    Too early to rate RB, nagtatrabaho pa naman. Next June, we’ll find out na lang. Cheers and goodhealth.

  2. Hi Nashman,
    Hehe, oo nga. I wonder if their are other cities in the world na may curfew. They are doing it in Manila but a lot of child rights advocates complained kasi it gives police the authority to treat street children as if they are criminals. Eh wala ngang mauwian ang mga bata eh. Thanks.

    Hi Trublue,
    I think you’re right. I was also thinking na baka ganyan ang meaning. Kaya lang it seems odd and out of place… parang it doesn’t belong to the group for some reason. Thanks

  3. Ang mga cities lang na alam kong merong curfew ay yung merong guerra at yung mga backward towns na hindi na dapat bisitahin.

    In Rio, people drink on the streets on friday-saturday till the sunrise. contrary to its reputation as unsafe, staying out late there is safer than london.

  4. I’m very ambivalent about Bautista. if you walk along Assupmtion road(yes, the University belt), may karaoke. I wouldn’t mind that music lounge there… it’s not rowdy and hindi naman poor ang hygiene pero I’m convered about the establishments with Karaoke bar and poor hygience across SLC. Here is Bautista taking pride about how many business establishments he ordered close pero yung very INAPYT na karaokehan doon, hindi niya man lang mapasdara. tambayan pa yung nga mga “gangstahz”. Is the city gov’t waiting for someone to be knifed before doing something?

    Ang lapit sa school nila and it’s operating for quite a long time na, pero di pa niya “napapansin”??

    I’m not sure about the curfew..I think it has something to do with the massive profliferation og “gangs”(na often invovled sa crime at karamihan minors/highschool students) ang nasasangkot.

    If it’s a way to control those gangstahz, let it be so. It’s alarming na masmaraming high school students and involves sa mga gantio kesa sa college students(although may mga members sa college)

    I think we need to have someone like Duterte of Davao to have law abiding citizens and outsiders)

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