10 thoughts on “Kalinga Mountain Maiden”

  1. Happy New Year, happy blogging! This painting looks like it’s done in the style of Baguio artist Rishab Tibon, who currently has a solo exhibition of paintings hanging in the Cafe by the Ruins until 15 January. Does any one know whether the Kalinga Maiden is by him as well?

  2. Lovely shot of an art work. If this was taken in a civet cafe, then quite interesting thinking about the origins of civet coffee, then considering other strong brew like kalinga coffee.Good mix. Prosperous New Year to you!

  3. nice one. civet coffee in marikina? still have to visit that…i posted something banaue in my blog

  4. May i please know who did the painting? I wonder why he/she isn’t credited at all? Name please? Thanx…

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