Happy New Year From Dangwa

Red Roses Packed by the Dozens

Roses raised in Bahong, La-Trinidad, Benguet. Transported to Manila by Dangwa Tranco. Sold in Manila’s flower district which is now known as “Dangwa”.

More pictures from the Dangwa flower district after the jump.

Rows of Pastel Chrysanthemums

Ablaze with Red Anthurium Blooms

Dos Castillas Street


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year From Dangwa”

  1. these flowers are transported by the farmers themselves
    you should be there at like 2 in the morning ta makitam.

  2. We visited a cousin’s friend there on Valentines Day and helped her in selling their flowers. Grabe, the prise could shoot that high. Its like gold with petals. Sobrang mahal and a lot of people buys them no matter how expensive it is. I saw Boy Abunda buying hehehe….

    Happy New Year Bill!

  3. roses, mums, etc… flowers are fascinating. i didn’t know the area has been tiled up already. when we looked for a friend’s stall there almost 4 years ago, i remember the place didn’t look like how it is now. anyway, happy new year again bill. may we all bloom this 2008, hihihi

  4. Hello Bill & everyone, Great improvement in Dangwa. Even the cutflowers, they became hybrid. I am also an avid buyer of flowers. There was a time when Baguio was simpler, and the smell of native roses would linger after the rains. Get well soon!

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