Jocelyn Dulnuan: Fund Raising Updates

UPDATE 2: Forwarded to us from the ifugaoyahoogroup, this update is from Fay Hangdaan:

The fundraising went well and we are able to collect $4664.00. At the fundraising a representative from the Phillipine consulate came and inform us that they will help in the repatriation of the body of Jocelyn to the Philippines thus the money that we raised and any other donations will be sent to the family of Jocelyn Dulnuan.

The account has been set up but will be open by Wednesday or Thursday, In the meantime, anybody who wants to send a check here’s the address.

Payable to “Jocelyn Dulnuan Funds.”
C/O Fay Hangdaan
P.O. Box 62506
85 Ellesmere Rd.
Scarborough, ON M1R 5G8

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UPDATE 1: Here’s a collection of links on the fund-raising work being done by our kailiyans in Toronto to raise funds for Jocelyn Dulnuan:

Mississauga News: Members of the Filipino community yesterday came together yesterday in an effort to raise $10,000 needed to ship the body of a Mississauga murder victim back to her native Philippines.

About 200 community members and friends of slain housekeeper Jocelyn Dulnuan attended yesterday’s fundraiser in Vaughan.

Last night, Imie Belanger of the Philippine Independence Day Council told The Toronto Sun that she was “pretty confident we can raise the whole amount.” Read more.

Toronto Sun: Members of the Greater Toronto Area Filipino community yesterday banded together to raise the $10,000 needed to ship murdered maid Jocelyn Dulnuan’s body back to her native Philippines, with the Philippine Consulate pledging $5,000 in aid.

Jaime Gatawa, 37, said Dulnuan’s body will be shipped back to Manila, then north about 480 km to the village of Hingyon in Ifugao province, where her husband Sandy, her 2-year-old son, and other relatives live.

Gatawa said he spoke with Dulnuan’s grieving mother, who lives in Hong Kong, earlier in the week. “She said she is so stunned, and in shock, she doesn’t know what’s going on or what she’s going to do,” Gatawa said. “So we try to do our best to do our part, and although she’s not here, we as an extended family are doing our part to make sure that hopefully, justice is done.” Read more.

You can also read similar reports at Citynews and 680 News.

About the pictures: Top photo shows Imie Belanger (left), one of the organizers of the Dulnuan fundraiser, with Dess Antonio and Lim Serrano of the Federation of Filipino Canadians. Photo by Peter McCusker/

Right photo shows Belanger with Sol Pajadura during the event. Photo by Taiwo Lewis/680News

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PHOTO CREDITS: 680 News and

5 thoughts on “Jocelyn Dulnuan: Fund Raising Updates”

  1. As I said in another blog, I hope the Philippines will do something about Jocelyn’s case. I learned from the internet more about what a Filipina blogger said that it is the “super maids” who are boosting the Philippine economy while the leaders fool around and commit blunder after blunder.

    I have been in this country for three months. I admire the resilience of the people. But I am disappointed at the political leadership. I am praying that something will be done about Jocelyn’s case.

  2. Hi Tutubi,
    Agree with you in both counts. Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Victoria,
    You are right. Without Overseas Filipino Workers, the Philippine economy will not be afloat at all. It’s just sad that our officials praise them as heroes but fail them when they need help. Thanks. And I hope you’ll continue to join us.

  3. We are thankful for the Vigil Service that took place at San Lorenzo Ruiz Anglican Parish at St. Simon’s facility 525 Bloor St. East, Toronto, Ontario.
    Hundreds came to pay tribute and also to support the cause of justice.

    The Rev. Ariel Dumaran

  4. Hi Fr. Ariel,
    Thanks for the update and for dropping by the blog. And thanks too for providing a venue for the vigil for Jocelyn. I’m with you in praying that the cause of justice will be achieved in this case. Thanks again.

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