9 thoughts on “Gandang Igorota”

  1. To hear them articulate their own agenda/vision would have been nice. If I’m allowed to judge this contest, beauty would be secondary. Wonder who won and at what merit.
    There are many natural fair-white skinned beauties in the cordilleras. Let’s intrude in their circle of games ala Marky!

  2. Hi Trublue,
    Tama ka diyan. The question and answer thing would be interesting to listen to. I agree with you about intruding in their circle of games. Cheers indeed!

  3. they’re all stunningly beautiful.
    the best of igorots..an attraction to d phil. tourism.

  4. Hi Ellen,
    Thanks for dropping by. Nice blog you got there. Seems like you are a Chico River fan. Are you from Bontoc? Thanks again and we hope you continue to join us here 🙂

  5. You are most welcome and thanks! Ya, a bit fan of it. I was drowned there before but thankful I survived the flow. I came from Ilocos Sur.
    Count me in in your blog readers.

  6. Hi Ellen,
    Yup, rivers can be quite tricky at times. Akala natin safe pero minsan hindi pala. Thanks again. I am adding you to my blog links.

  7. Oh sure and I would do the same. Thanks too.
    I kind like your blogsite actually. Originally, I was about to go in my blog but then I ended up in Mountain Life and there Boondocks got my attention to read over it.

  8. aba! mga katribu!hehe trubeauties talaga! I remember the days tuloy…

    pustahan tayo sir tru, ang agenda nila, “WORLD PEACE!”

    if i’m one of the judges, I would have asked them what their physical assets are. if they do not include ‘malaking binti’ minus 20 pts. agad… hehe

  9. aye, maki am ammo ak man ta ni narigat malakayan nga baro!

    they’re really gorgeous! adu gayam napipintas ay kailyan! 😛

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