Jerry Lindawan: The Running Man

Congratulations to Jerry Lindawan of Tinoc, Ifugao for topping the Baguio leg of the 31st National Milo Marathon. We hope he goes on to win the 42 k grand final which is scheduled on 18 November in Manila.

From Tempo:

Jerry Lindawan, who was just aiming for a top three finish in the 21-kilometer qualifying race, clocked one hour, 14 minutes and 23 seconds in claiming his first ever leg title in the annual foot race.

“Hindi nga ako makapaniwala na nanalo ako, gusto ko lang na mag-qualify sa (MILO Marathon) finals,” said the 23-year-old Lindawan.

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From, we discover that Lindawan is an education student of Benguet State University and he has been winning medals for his school.

We hope he continues to go on with his winning ways. Ever since Hector Begeo retired, we have had no top runner representing the Cordilleras in national and international athletic events. Maybe Jerry Lindawan will be the next Hector Begeo. Go Jerry!

UPDATE: As Brent wrote in the comments, the third placer in this race is Alunes Pudes is also a kailiyan. He is from Bauko, Mt. Province and may be related to Hector Begeo. Thanks Brent for the info.


9 thoughts on “Jerry Lindawan: The Running Man”

  1. My mother (who are suppose to have originated from Tinoc) is from the Lindawan clan:). Baka kamag-anak:) People used to hiking give them an advantage. Yes, hoping he will become the next Hector Begeo.

  2. Mooh powah to those legs. Heck, can’t even dream going past the 12th kilometer mark. Best wishes to him, and top three would be so admirable.

  3. Hi Abella,
    Baka kabagian yo pay gayam. Baka may runner’s genes ka din 🙂

    Hi Trublue,
    Hehe, ako nga isang kilometro lang lakarin eh pagod na. We really need to get off the computer and exercise once in a while 🙂

  4. now jerry has to find his place in the 42k. when it comes to the 21k and down, he is good at it having beaten even national team runners. but the marathon is another level. some are naturals at the 42 and some struggle before finally making it. think jerry belongs to the latter and hope he finds that “magic” to his training routine for the 42k. wish you well, jerry! -resty

  5. Jerry Lindawan is also a member of Running Our Own Destiny Runners Club, and we survive solely on our own, except when sometimes we can solicit from the government and other samaritans.

    We were with Jerry from his first races when he enrolled at Benguet State University. He was very new then, so he tends to run any races and every race. I have also assisted him during his very first marathon, and I think I agree with Resty’s opinion, he’s natural at 42K.

    However, I was personally the one restricting his immediate rise to 42K, due to some reasons. One reason is that, I think he is still very young and that we are putting more value for his studies at this time.

    anyway, with every little time that we are able to meet, we are always trying to discuss the plans and future of all our members in the organization.

    Honestly, Jerry was even being invited to the Philippine team, but we advised him not to yet, because anyway he is about to finish his BS in Education this coming March, 2008.

    and by that time, I believe he can now go all out to achieve his potential as a runner and that he would still have so much future, encase he retires from highly competitive running.

    Other few of the many feats of Jerry: He has beaten many Philippine team training pools in various races. He almost beat Eduardo Buenavista -Philippine Team Class A, in a 10K race, unfortunately Buenavista just overtook him in the last 100 meters to relegate Jerry to 2nd place.

    However, Jerry bounced back to beat Roy Vence, another Philippine runner as shown in the picture.

    as additional information also, the third placer during that race (and as seen in the picture also)is another igorot from Bauko, Mt. province. He is Mr. Alunes Pudes, and if I’m not mistaken, he is a relative of Mr. Hector Begeo.

    GO JERRY GO. . . graduate and then beat them all. . .

  6. Hi Jerry,
    Thanks for all the info. Didn’t even know that the third placer is also a kailiyan. I will do an update to include his name in the post. Thanks again.

  7. The Patafa National Athletics Open is on May 27-30, 2008. Hope Jerry and Alunes Pudes will be there.

  8. Hello Bill, Jerry did it again here in Milo Baguio for the 32nd running of Milo 2008. Won it over Roy Vence like last year. Roy Vence was formerly a member of the national team as a marathoner, and now is coach of the national team. According to newspaper accounts, Roy will take Jerry into the national team. Hope that will happen. Let’s look forward to the Milo finals on Nov 30, 2008.

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