Imie’s Reflection

Those of us who have been following Jocelyn Dulnuan’s story will know that Imie Belanger is one of those who worked hard to organize public support for our kailiyan who was killed in Toronto. This is a reflection she wrote on one of the most trying times of her life:

by Imie Belanger

As the storm of our life settles down, we catch a moment to sit and reflect. This is definitely one of the most trying moments of my life. Second to the times when I lost my parents way way back. My over charged adrenalin took two days to settle, and then my body took another two days to recover. I am sure all of us who worked closely on this feels the same.

The support we have received from friends and the community not only within the Greater Toronto Area but all over the world in response to our plea for help has been so overwhelming. It is very comforting to know that so many people cares. And so I have no doubt in my mind that we – the Filipino community will work together cohesively with the Peel Police and the Philippine Consulate to give Jocelyn the justice she deserves, and to ensure that any similar tragedy in the future will be handled appropriately and efficiently so no family of any victim will go through what we went through.

Now that Jocelyn is home, let the family spend this time with her peacefully.

Let us also give this time to the authorities to do what they have to do on this case. We have to trust them to do give Jocelyn justice. But we will keep an eye on it as a group.

As a group, we will also work towards a resolution whereby future tragedies will be handled appropriately and efficiently by those in charge.

I hope you will all work with us to make this happen.

Thanks a lot, Imie. We have a lot of respect for how you and the rest of our kailiyans/kababayans responded to this tragedy.

As we stated in an earlier comment, it is always a challenge to discern how to respond appropriately to situations like this. Imie and our fellow Filipinos in Toronto responded quite effectively; they organized themselves, got the media support, pressured officials, etc.

Imie was actually our unnamed source for our post on Jocelyn and Julia. We didn’t identify her because we didn’t want to get her in trouble with consulate officials. But media reports have since quoted her so we guess there’s no harm now in identifying Imie as our source.

Thanks again, Imie. We will continue to be with you in the search for Justice for Jocelyn.

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