Filipinos United

The other side to the Toronto tragedy is that it has proven once again that Filipinos do care. It has exhibited our capacity as a people to look after each other. It has proven that we can work together for a common cause despite our tendency to have disparate/diverse/dispersed communities.

The death of Jocelyn Dulnuan, we believe, has been a catalyst for greater collaboration and greater solidarity among Filipinos in the Greater Toronto Area. May they continue to be united. And may the example that our kailiyans/kababayans in Toronto showed us be replicated in other parts of the world where there are Filipinos and, more importantly, in our Inang Bayan.

PHOTO CREDITS: Alex Felipe/Middle and bottom photos.

4 thoughts on “Filipinos United”

  1. Glory to the Filipinos in Toronto for their exemplary solidarity.

    this demonstration of true “Filipinoness” encourages us here at home that we still have hope as a people. sana lang it will not have to take a big tragedy for us here to unite and begin cleaning up the big mess we turned our country into… or maybe I should say… ‘some of us’ instead of ‘we.’ But let’s just say ‘we’ for now.

  2. Hi Ganda,
    Korek ka dyan. They really did a great job. As you said, sana ganoon din tayo sa Pinas. Thanks.

  3. why does solidarity become stronger when you are not in your own “domain”? bakit nga kaya? is there other kind of a hormone exhibited when you are not in your own country that binds the people?:) meron ba nun:(


  4. Good question 🙂 I’m not sure I have the answer though. What’s important is that we do get to be united when we have to as in this case. Thanks.

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