How Wet Are You?

If you were in Sagada during the months of November 2007 and January 2008, you would be wetter than if you were in Baguio. You need proof? Aba, meron tayong graphs to prove our point. Here’s the one for Sagada:

And here’s the one for Baguio:

The graphs are from Project Rain Gauge, a joint project of Smart Communications, the Manila Observatory, and some participating schools.

Because the project is only on its fifth month, we still don’t know who is wetter during an entire year — would it be Padma in Baguio or Pagano in Sagada.

Ito namang Smart, it should have also installed a rain gauge in Tabuk City so we can compare the rainfall in the “Cordillera highlands” vis a vis the “Cordillera lowlands”. Of course, we should give kudos to the company for doing community centered projects like this but, as we said in an earlier post, Smart is smart but it could be smarter. Hehe.

Anyways, conventional wisdom tells us that Tabuk is drier than the highlands so both Padma and Pagano are wetter than Nats who lives in Tabuk.

But what about you? Do you live in a wet place or a dry place? Which do you prefer?

IMAGE CREDIT: Project Rain Gauge.

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