6 thoughts on “Holy Week in Sagada”

  1. Uy Bill – change da sign to read:
    Toristas and Lowlanders: Puno na ang mga Hotels sa Sagada. See ya next Holy Week na lang..ha ha. Magdudumi lang sila…Clever signs, Bush and Cheney are good choices to mock around..Goodhealth.


  2. Bill, you should post a sign that reads, “waday kurang da ed Sagada, umey kayo ed Bontoc”

  3. Hi TruBlue,
    Ooops, medyo hindi yata klaro ang naging dating ng aking sign hehe. My intention was not to invite people to go to Sagada, it was just a message that I was going to Sagada. Eh ang nangyari, hindi din pala ako natuloy.
    Bush is an easy target kasi andami niyang pinahirapan sa Iraq. Thanks.

    Hi FBI,
    Thanks. I will blog about the signs one of these days.

    Hi Peden,
    Oo nga ano, I should have said, “Entako men emes id Chico.” Thats one thing I miss in Bontoc, taking a bath in the river, yung galing sa Bayyo 🙂 Thanks.

  4. Too late Bill..after my comment, I
    came to realize ur intention. Kung
    minsan kasi, darasudos tayo. Esso nice anyway, da sign…hehe…


  5. Chico river just gives me da creeps. Almost “nalmes id paling” right after Peter Claver drowned in the 60’s. Da river was so pristine then, now, it looks different…cheers.


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