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Juan Duntugan apologizes for killing Campbell.

A newscast on our kailiyan Grace Dontogan, wife of the man that the police is now looking for. Here, she denies reports that her husband is connected with Campbell’s death.

Julia remembered in Albay. Co-worker: “She was very friendly, very cordial and was able to help the other teachers.” You will also see footages of the library she helped put up.

This GMA News Report retraces Julia’s walk from Banaue to Batad. [Warning: Some graphic footages.]

Campbell’s body now in Manila and was brought to a funeral parlor for autopsy; the result will be known in nine days. Embassy officials confirm that the body is Julia Campbell’s and that it will be flown to the U.S. after the autopsy. [Warning: In this video, the police tackily explains how an autopsy is conducted and GMA News, because it doesn’t know any better, just as tackily broadcasts it on TV. Both our police and our media should really learn how to sensitive in matters like this.]


Here’s an update by GMA News television on Julia Campbell. The broadcast is in Tagalog but you can read the “print” version of this television report here. Additional information from this newscast: forensic experts are going to Ifugao to determine if the body found by the troops is indeed Julia Campbell’s.


9 thoughts on “Video Updates on Julia Campbell”

  1. According to the report, she may have fallen off a cliff. That reminds me of a famous anthropologist, michelle rosaldo, who also was killed when she fell from a cliff somewhere in the cordilleras. rosaldo did work on ilonggots (sp). whether or not a fall is what killed campbell, the mountains in that area can be somewhat precarious and can never be taken lightly.

  2. Hi Wil,
    The report that she may have fallen was just a speculation by a police official; speculating is one thing that police authorities here love to do and which I really hate because it is not their job to speculate but to investigate and to bring out the facts.

    Didn’t know about Rosaldo. Was it fairly recent? You’re right about our mountains being dangerous. Thanks.

  3. How sad…my sympathies to her family. I followed your link to her blog. What a loss, she provided an interesting insight.

  4. Rosaldo was killed in the 1980s. She had published a book on headhunting practices of the Ilonggots and was a rising star in anthropology at the time of her death. she’s not pinay. her spanish surname is from her husband, who is Mexican (I believe).

  5. if she fell on a cliff her back pack should have been their..That is one of the theory of the police,and theories are their own opinion..

  6. Hi JMom,
    It is a loss indeed.

    Thanks for the info. It’s a timely reminder that we all face the risk of death which can indeed be a thief in the night.

    Hi Nats,
    That was one of the early theories of the police pero parang hindi ganun ang nangyari based on the evidence coming out.

  7. Have to admit that it’s a shame for the Igoys that she was killed in Igorotlandia…

    I wonder what was the motive of the suspect

  8. I have read the story of Campbell. I feel so sorry for her. Too sad she was doing good work helping but she ended up in a tragic…


  9. Hi Fendi,
    Its a really sad story. But good works continue to live on even those who did them pass away. Thanks for visiting and your comment 🙂

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