Gina Dizon on Jupiter and Saturn

In one of our blog roundups, we linked to a new news blog, the Northern Philippine Times where you can find stories about the Cordilleras and the northern part of the country. A good friend, Gina Dizon, also writes stories and a column for said paper/blog. She also promised to contribute to our blog and this is her first contribution, a piece on Mt. Province congressional candidate Jupiter Dominguez.

Please note that this is not a blog endorsement for Mayor Dominguez. Gina, I think, likes him as a candidate and as a prospective Congressman. I, on the other hand, can’t get over the fact that he belongs to a political family that has controlled the province for about 30 years. And although he has proven himself to be a very capable mayor, I believe that much of the problems in our country can be traced to the fact that political power is in the hands of only a very few families. The more that political power is spread to more people, and not concentrated to a few political dynasties, the better off we will be as a nation.

I agree with Gina though that Jupiter’s act of challenging his uncle is admirable. It does take guts to do that. On the other hand, the fact that he is challenging his uncle is a sad testimony to the fact that politics in Mt. Province has become a family affair. It’s now all about the Dominguezes. In a healthy political world, that should not be the case.

It takes Jupiter to overthrow Saturn
by Gina P. Dizon

Congressional aspirant for the lone district of Mt Province, Jupiter Dominguez, has an interesting name. Jupiter, the chief god of all the Olympian gods in Greek mythology also known as Zeus, is the son of Saturn whom Jupiter overthrew.

Like the Greek gods, Jupiter is challenging his uncle, long time congressman of Mt Province for nearly 30 years, Victor Dominguez for the congressional seat. Should Jupiter “overthrow” his uncle is a story and will be known come May 14.

We will know why and how he will “overthrow” his uncle given present circumstances. Jupiter had proven how to lead, having a mind and guts.

Defying the culture of not rivaling a relative, much more an uncle, is a negative point among the conservatives. Much more, among the clannish tribes of culture- rich Montanosa.

Yet, rivaling a relative means that it is an issue of initiating changes and not sticking to culture and status quo where it may even be an unresponsive and inutile one. While you may gain votes among the liberals , you may also neutralize the conservatives.

This means Jupiter can initiate responsive and relevantly contemporary political and economic reforms which would be good for the people of Mt Province rather than letting obsolete and unresponsive systems still work which is what trapos do.

Should he have been a trapo, he may have to run in the same party with his uncle in another position, or waited for his uncle to retire before coming in. A friend said, maybe it is just a political gimmick and that eventually one of the two will endorse his votes to the other.

Yet, that would be political suicide for this political family if that would be done. In the next elections, nobody would believe them again. Candidacy is not an issue of political dynasty. It is an issue of capability. Jupiter has the qualifications of a congressman if given the chance by the electorate. He has been an outstanding mayor in his hometown in Sabangan, chairman of the Mayors’ League of Mt Province, and even adjudged as one of the most outstanding mayors of the country. He has proven his mettle.

According to my friend, Jupiter will keep off votes from other young aspirants and will eventually let his uncle or him win. Yet, that would be dividing a house and getting defeated. And worse, both may get defeated.

Both have the money and in elections, money is a major and crucial need in order to win. Either one could win. Besides, Jupiter is coming in at the right time that his uncle is already retiring in his 70s, my friend insisted.

Should Jupiter emerge victorious in the coming May 14 elections, I am inclined to believe that the Olympian gods must also be working in remote Montanosa where it also has its own mythological stories of Kabunian and the creation of the earth.

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7 thoughts on “Gina Dizon on Jupiter and Saturn”

  1. Hi Bill!
    I totally agree with you regarding dynasties and politic not being a good mix. But, alas, if the US can’t get rid of this practice (note: Kennedys, Bush, Roosevelts, Browns to name a few), then I’m afraid the Philippines is doomed to keep dealing with the same old recycled garbage called political dynasties.

    Another good read, Bill.


  2. P.S.

    We changed our blog name to the Sagunto Star in honor of the first ever newsletter in our little Bago barangay 🙂

  3. On Omom’s comments, at least naman, all da political dynasties you mentioned have not gone to the extent of pillaging their treasury.
    Most of them became great leaders except Georgie Boy! I’m btw a JFK disciple, hehe…
    I would like to reiterate again that Baguio voters will resist dynasties. I’ll be damned if MD wins!! Happy mother’s Omom and to all da maders out there..cheers….

  4. Btw, here are my picks for this election: Benguet Solon – Ronald Cosalan, Baguio Solon – Jose Molintas, Baguio Mayor – Rey Bautista or Leandro Yangot (hope not many voters saw Leandro’s list of achievements from grade one to present, it was nauseating, an overkill at best, hehe. Cheryl could have edited that). Vice Mayor – Danny Farinas, a childhood friend and a good person. That’s all folks and vote wisely from your heart, you know who to get rid of this election..cheers..

  5. Hi Omom/Babot,
    Thanks. And it seems like you will have another Clinton if Hillary wins. So as you said, if the U.S. can’t rid itself of this dynasty thing di mas lalo na sa Pinas.

    I agree with Trublue though that at least the U.S. political dynasties do not appear to be only concerned about advancing their family’s fortunes and perpetuating themselves in power which is what dynasties do here in the Philippines.

    I’ve changed the blog link to the Sagunto Star. That’s a good idea to change the name. Sounds better too apart from the historical significance. Thanks again 🙂

    Hi Trublue,
    Yeah, Dubya would be an embarassment to his family. Hopefully we’ve seen the end of that particular dynasty no?

    I think I would pick your picks except that I am going for Yangot. I would go for Bautista sana but I don’t like his being with the party of GMA. Alam nyo naman, this is a sort of a plebiscite for GMA also so I would not vote for any candidate associated with her and her KAMPI party.

  6. Hi, I totally agree with Ms. Dizon in her article. Mayor Jup was once my social drinking buddy and I know he deserves to represent Mt. Province based on his accomplishments.

    Gina however made a slight error by mentioning that Jupiter belongs to the Greek Myth. It is in Roman Myth that Jupiter is the chief god.Zeus who dwells in Mt. Olympus is Greek myth chief deity. While both myths have some similarities because of the intermarriaiges of the early Etruscans and Latin, it remains different in literature.

    Salamat manen Apo. May Jupiter looks over Mt. Province from Mt. (S)Habangan.

  7. Hi Ferdi,
    Hey, welcome back 🙂 It’s been sometime. Thanks for that info re: the god Jupiter. Teka at kantiyawan ko si Gina for mixing up the Roman and Greek gods hehe. Things are not looking too bright for Jupiter right now though, unfortunately.

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