Funny Videos [1]: Way to Go Kiddo

We sometimes sound like G & D (grim and determined) activists, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a sense of humor. When we are hungry for a laugh we usually go to Youtube to look at what our fellow netizens are producing these days. As it happens, some of our kailiyans have been uploading really funny stuff which we decided to upload here because you might be looking for something to lighten up your day.

Now, what about making some sort of a contest out of this? What we will do is to upload the funny videos we find and then, maybe sometime in December, we will make a poll to get your opinion on the funniest video of the year. Because this is the internets and because we are a cash-strapped blogger, whoever wins will only get a title such as Igorot/iCordillera Funniest Video or some other similar title. So if you are the winner, no cash or any kind of material reward will go your way. But you will have the satisfaction of knowing that people appreciate your video.

Here’s the first video. The first part is really hilarious; the second part is not as funny but is still amusing.

In case you are wondering, the “singer” [I can’t say whether he is actually singing or just lip synching] is Jick Chamos, a kailiyan based in Italy. He has a Friendster account here. He seems to have a really healthy sense of humor as you can see in this video. Way to go kiddo! By the way, if you have a Friendster account, you can invite Jick to be your “friend”. Pero hanggang doon lang because Friendster, unlike Multiply, has no options for “online buddy”, “fiance”, “roommate”, etc. etc. Friendster is so Web 1.0 ano?


5 thoughts on “Funny Videos [1]: Way to Go Kiddo”

  1. it’s lip synch, bill. i’m not sure who actually sang ‘open arms’ (which is a JOURNEY original) in this video, but i’ve definitely heard that sound before. the second is being sang by the band CREDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL- john fogerty’s voice is clear.

    this jick is good. the timing of his mouth with the song and the strumming of the guitar is just perfect. it wouldn’t be surprising if we found out that he could play for real… yeah, the video could be funny.:-)

  2. i think this version of “open arms” is Steve Perry’s of Journey po gaya ng sabi n’yo. I love Mariah’s version but Steve Perry’s voice is just awesome.

  3. siguro nga po. medyo may pagkaapril boy din po kasi sa pandinig ko, eh. anyway, cheers! more videos, bill.:-)

  4. Hi Ferri and Pagano,
    Pareho kayong magaling sa music ha. I often heard the song but didn’t know the title and the singer. Didn’t even know that there is a singer/band called Journey. Ignoramus ako ano he he. Thanks to you both.

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