Funny Videos [2]: Funny or Offensive? You Decide!

Here’s the second funny video. As we mentioned earlier, we hope to find more funny videos made by our kailiyans, upload them here, and conduct a poll towards the end of the year so you could vote for the funniest video.

Now, this video comes dangerously close to becoming offensive. It has footages of the Lang-ay Festival in Mt. Province accompanied by the Soca Boys’ song Follow the Leader. It is a cheeky video which almost crosses the line but never actually does (at least to me).

If you read the Youtube comments for this video, viewers appear to be divided with some of our kailiyans finding it funny and others finding it offensive. Here are some of the comments of those who were offended:

WGACUSANA. Your music SUCKS! Of all the music you could use, why such stupid one for a very traditional event. I think you really don’t know much about US enough to respect our music. Olay maid men upload is video adi nu kagtona abes nan maikababil. Hooo Asi asi ay!!!

a warrior from deepest part of kaigorotan will come to hunt you, whoever posted this video clips…better put the original sounds before its too late for you..

anya metten, para mo namang ini insulto yung mga dancers

And here are the comments of those who find the video to be funny:

easy there sister… personally, i don’t think it is insulting…whatever, the intensions of wgacusana was, i think the video (without the sounds) speak for itself. the sound just make it more funky. it’s is like watching mark logan’s show. it’s a good way of promoting mt province. if i may add, if i was a non-igorot, i would not watch the whole video if all i could hear is the sound of gongs.

I hope igorots won’t take this negatively. THis is a challenge to modernize igorot dances and not to criticize it. The dances have become so old that to preserve it, moves should be changed. Or else it would just become history. We should face the reality that igorot dances are slowly deteriorating.

hehehe sika met…haan met piman..bagbagay na topay …. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Now its your turn to share your thoughts. What do you think of this video? Did it cross the line? Does it deserve to be called the Igorot/iCordillera Funniest Video of the Year? Or should we, Igorot warriors, hunt down the one who made the video as a commenter above suggested?

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9 thoughts on “Funny Videos [2]: Funny or Offensive? You Decide!”

  1. hmmm, i do think to be able to find a music that seemed to have matched the ethnic dance steps is a work of near-genius (meron ba nu’n?)hehehe. I didn’t find it offensive, nor funny, pero baka por que di ako iMt. Prov.

    I’d still go for that ‘mop guy’ down the last entry as the funniest of these two videos.

  2. Wow nice ingenuity for the maker, i don’t think this is offensive.This is an Igorot version of Marc Logan,”Just for Laugh”..If you really go deep into the dance the music is like with the theme..I don’t think if it is applicable for other cordillerans but in Kalinga the dance is “Follow the leader”..sakto!

  3. If the Female “choreographer” would just have shut her mouth, would give this video a high rating of “Fresh Repolyo” or “Good Patatas”…haha…But…..she messed it up..Cheers.


  4. Hi Ferri,
    I agree with the “near-genius” thing. I think that’s the reason why I’m giving the creator a pass hehe.

    Hi Nats,
    Para nga siyang yung kay Marc Logan, which focuses on the lighter or fun side of cultural celebrations.

    Hi TruBlue,
    Hindi ko yata napansin yung “choreographer” na sinasabi mo. Which part? I’m gonna watch it again.

    Hi Nashman,
    Galing nga ng pagka-synchronize. Mukha ngang the person invested his time doing this one. At least he’s using his time creatively hehe.

  5. Was actually referring to the singer. Her words didn’t exactly matched the movements of da body parts of da dancers. Da beating of da drums would suffice and would have been more effective. But who cares? If was funny nonetheless…


  6. so when did our ancestors decide to modernize our old tradition..dont mess up with our cultural traditions cause our ancestors never messed up when they engineerd this cultural dance..

  7. Hi Trublue,
    Okidok, cheers.

    Hi Anonymous,
    This video is really controversial ano? As I said in the original post, the comments in Youtube are very divided between those who like it and those who don’t. Most of the comments here so far say its okay so thanks for voicing out a different opinion. Cheers!

  8. what’s the fuzz? ada ngarud ti kuna tau nga “Contemporary” we should embrace changes ta it is a part of life…Kudos to creativity mind of who made this!

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