FtB List: Commandant Arthur Gosingan

This picture of Philippine Coast Guard Commandant Arthur Gosingan (right), shaking the hands of a Chinese official was originally posted in The List: Part 5 but Blogger kept messing it up (or maybe it was my fault he he) so I decided to make a separate post on him. The Commandant, who hails from Bontoc, Mt. Province, has been in the news lately since he is leading the Coast Guard in cleaning up the mess caused by an oil tanker which sank off the coast of Guimaras Island.

I once went swimming in Guimaras’ white beaches but I’m not sure if I can do that again in the near future. We pray that Commandant Gosingan and the Philippine Coast Guard will be up to the challenge before them now and the days ahead and that our brothers and sisters in Guimaras will recover from this tragedy sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: According to commenter Gracia Kibad, Commandant Gosingan is from Bila, Bauko and not Bontoc. Much thanks for the info, Gracia.

Photo credits: abs-cbn, the news today, and moc.gov.cn.

7 thoughts on “FtB List: Commandant Arthur Gosingan”

  1. its very nice to know that Comm. Gosingan is full bloodied Igorot or FBI. Keep up the good work.


  2. kabsat,
    Hey, thanks for dropping by. I also didn’t know that he is FBI but found out about it from news reports. Btw, I think gosingan in Kankanaey means wellspring or source of water. Thanks again.


    I suggest that you also feature Igorot civil servants who are recipients of national and international awards in recognition of their dedicated public service.This will give inspiration to other government officials and employees to be more accountable in their public responsibilities aside from being worthy of emulation by the future Igorot generation.Salamat Apo!

  4. Hi Ferdi,
    Thanks. Yes I am planning to do that in the future and am collecting from sources na. I read somewhere na parating second yata ang Cordillera (after the much bigger NCR) in terms of number of Civil Service awards so marami talagang good Igorot public servants who, as you say, should be recognized. I still have to hear of an international awardee though. Baka meron kang tips/leads sa international (as well as national) awardees? Thanks again 🙂


  5. Kung totoo yung report tungkol sa Cordillera, Bill… talagang makakaahon ang CAR in case we get genuine and full autonomy.

    The population of CAR is only over a million… NCR is 12 million..

    Imagine the disparity in population? Then we’re just next to them. Cebu ata is 5 million, Pangasinan is 2 million


  6. Comm. Arthur Gosingan is from Bila, Bauko. Indeed it is good to know of our kakailyans who are making a difference in their field of expertise/profession. We are proud of them.

  7. Hi Gracia,
    Thanks a lot for the information. I added an update to the post noting that the Commandant is from Bila. Yup, we’re proud of our kailiyans who are making a difference. Thanks again and we hope you continue to join us 🙂

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