For Marky Cielo Fans

Here’s an interview with Marky Cielo which, we’re sure, you will find interesting. It was originally published in the Philippine Star, a daily newspaper. Mga girls diyan, ligawan na nga ninyo itong si Marky para hindi malungkot ang kanyang love life.

FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
Besides Bert Nievera, Martin’s dad who is half-Igorot, there’s only one pure Igorot in showbiz. [Bill’s Note: Marky is actually also part Igorot cause his dad is from the Visayas] He’s none other than Marky Cielo, 2005 Sole Survivor of the GMA 7 reality-TV talent search StarStruck (Batch 3).

Like Mark Herras before him, who’s known as The Bad Boy of the Dancefloor, Marky is good with fancy footwork, making him The New Bad Boy of the Dancefloor. He can dance up a storm and give Mark a run for his dancing rubber shoes.

But Marky wants to be known more than just for his dancing prowess.

“I want people to see the part of me that can act,” says Marky who was born, raised and grew up in the Mountain Province where the residents went out full force in vote-texting for Marky.

Since his StarStruck victory, Marky has been in one movie (Till I Met You, with Robin Padilla and Regine Velasquez) and several GMA soaps, including Asian Treasures, Love2Love, Enkantadia, Fantastic Kids and Bakekang, with guest-hosting on S.O.P. He’s also in the cast of the new GMA youth-oriented show Boys Nxt Door with the StarStruck Batch 2007.

“I want to try drama, action, comedy, musical. I’m new in the business and I’m trying to find my way around. My role models are Dennis Trillo and John Lloyd Cruz.”

Marky is 19 (May 12, Taurus), stands 5’9”, weighs 150 lbs., and wears medium-sized briefs and size-9.5 shoes.

Is the diet of Igorots different from that of lowlanders? Not much different. My own diet consists of the usual — meat, vegetables, rice, etc. I take three square meals a day, starting with a heavy breakfast. Lunch is not too heavy and dinner is light.

What kind of food do you avoid? Pork…sana. But I can’t help it. Sarap kasi, eh!

What vitamin do you take? Enervon-C.

Aside from basketball, what sport do you like? Pingpong and some indoor sport like chess.

Any other workout?
I’m a bit tamad to work out. I always plan to do it but I keep postponing it. I would usually choose: Should I work out or should I sleep? I end up sleeping. But I have dumbbells in my room and I use them when I get the chance. I also do some stretching.

You seem to be very active?
Yes, I’m basically active; I’m always moving around so even if I don’t work out, I don’t really gain weight. It’s a good thing that I sweat a lot even when I’m doing nothing, even in an air-con room. Maybe because I come from a cold place — you know, Baguio, Mountain Province.

How much water do you take per day? At least eight glasses.

Juice(s), soda, coffee and tea? Not much juices. No soda or coffee for me. Iced tea, okay.

Do you drink? No hard drinks. Just water.

Do you smoke? No. I tried it but I didn’t like it.

Have you tasted drugs? Never! I’m clean-living.

How much sleep do you get per night? There are days when I’m lucky enough to get eight hours. The longest I get is 12 hours but that’s when I’m really tired and I don’t have work to do. Since I’m busy, the most that I get is five to six hours.

What’s your favorite sleep wear? Boxer shorts, with no shirt on.

What’s the last thing that you do before you go to sleep? Sometimes, when I find it hard to sleep, I work out; pinapagod ko ang sarili ko. Or I listen to music.

And the first thing that you do when you wake up? Nakikiramdam muna. I don’t get out of bed at once, not even when my bladder is full. I just lie there and get the feel of the room.

How do you cope with stress? By dancing. That also serves as my workout. I sweat a lot when I’m dancing. Nakaka-relieve ng stress. Or I just lie in bed and listen to music. Or I sleep.

What about massage? I try to have a massage as often as I can. I’m used to it. My grandfather used to massage me, so my body really looks for it.

What part of your body do you think needs improvement? My abs. They’re okay but I want them to be more firm.

What part of your body is most vulnerable? My neck, my head.

What part of your body is your favorite? My feet, my legs. I use them a lot when I’m dancing.

And what part of a girl’s body do you look at first? Her butt. But I try not to be obvious looking at it. Some girls would tell me, ‘Don’t look at me there.’ I would smile and say, ‘I’ll try’.

How’s your nightlife? Malungkot! I am basically a homebody. When I was in high school in Baguio, my friends brought me to Nevada Square and I didn’t know what to do. I just sat there. Di ako mahilig sa nightlife.

Your love life? Malungkot din.

No girlfriend? Now? None!

What kind of girls do you like? ‘Yung mabait at malambing. Since I’m not talkative, maybe somebody who is a good talker, who talks sense.

Sex life? Ano ‘yon? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Basta, I don’t have any experience, yet.

Favorite fantasy? That I have a girlfriend, masarap kausap, inaalagaan ako.

Favorite hideaway? Baguio. It’s been a long time since I was there.

Name three girls you think have nice bodies. Katrina Halili. Angel Locsin. LJ Reyes.

And three guys you think have nice bodies.
Borgy Manotoc. Richard Gutierrez (in Lupin). Brad Pitt.

Using only body language, how would you make a girl know that you like her? I just look at her. But once she looks at me, I try to look away.

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37 thoughts on “For Marky Cielo Fans”

  1. From what I’ve read, he was born and raised in Butuan, Mindanao but
    attended high school in MP and Benguet border.
    While he is indeed a good person, I do believe he needs an adviser about life in general (like you Bill!) Check out his response on who his role models are! Some Dennis Trillo and John Lloyd Cruz, aren’t these two sappy actors in their twenties?? Marky???!! you are 19yrs old dude!! Look for more mature people as role models such as Vic D or Mauricio D, you’ll get to learn lots from these two combined! Or just keep looking!?
    My two cents, hehehe..Cheers!!!

  2. 5’9″? hey, that’s pretty tall for an asian. hehehe

    the interview looks like a gossip magazine interview. Questions like “What part of a girl’s body do you look at” and “What’s your favorite sleepwear”? Hard-hitting questions. hehhee. Oh, well. Show biz kasi yan e. 😉

  3. I echo anonymous’ comment: Marky is a good model because he is clean-living, which is sadly not the case for most young Igorots.

  4. Hi Trublue,
    Hehehe, ikaw dapat ang adviser. But don’t advise him naman to follow the footsteps of Vic D and Morris D 🙂

    Hi Anonymous,
    Wow, that’s an interesting read on multiple intelligence. Thanks for pointing it out to us.

    And yes, he is a good model for young people (maybe also older ones hehe)to emulate. Thanks.

    Hi Wil,
    Yup, the questions are “showbizzy” hehe. I think they ask the same standard questions yata whenever they do a celebrity interview in that column. But I’m not really sure. Thanks.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Correct ka diyan. Oo nga, mga bata ngayon andaming marunong manigarilyo at uminom 🙁 Thanks.

  5. I shouldn’t have an opinion on this matter as I don’t know who Marky is but for the love of god, he is an actor, his job is to act and do it well (and I believe he is doing well.)

    I drink and I smoke so I guess, I’m a bad Igorot. 😀 (Well, hindi naman ako artista)

  6. Hi Nashman,
    Nah it doesn’t make you a bad Igorot. But I think it means you are not helping your liver and your lungs and that you are helping Danding (if you drink San Miguel) and Lucio Tan amass more wealth. But I’m not the one to preach because I’m also guilty of the acts especially with the helping Danding thingy hehe. Cheers.

  7. I just don’t believe in looking for role models outside your immediate sphere. If you have to do that I think you are pretty fucked up.

    Actors for so long have been elevated in this culture of celebrity.

    Kudos to all actors such as Marky who should be judged based on the quality of their acting work.

    But as role models? Please no….(Besides, it’s unfair to anyone to be made a role model. He has his private life and that’s his business. Look at Sharon Cuneta who projects a clean image, she’s a frigging chain smoker…)

    So no. Role models must be found in one’s family.

  8. Nashman,

    You are right! Your behavior will be more influential to your relatives, family members, neighbors, lower classmen especially since we do think highly of the “cerebral” folks.

    You are also right that we should hone our skills to be more discriminating esp when it comes to information (esp showbiz world inteviews).


    If Marky Cielo is used as a commercial model/actor to promote other products/shows, it is smart to use him as a model to influence teenagers towards healthy living as well. He does have star power to influence choice/decisions to smoke or not smoke, drink or not drink. He had the star power to get people to vote for him. We also want that he continues to make good decisions for himself.

    Also, in this imperfect world–not everyone has a mentor or role model in their families or immediate surroundings (lalo ta adda tayo itti OFW era). It is inspiring to read about the achievers cited in this blog- Marky Cielo included.

  9. Hi Nashman,
    Good points. I agree with you. But whether we like it or not actors are often used as role models because of their visibility.

    Is it unfair to the actor? Maybe, but it comes with the territory. If you’re famous, people judge you for things you do (don’t do) outside of acting so you might as well make your peace with it. It’s one of the prices you pay for being famous.

    Should we use actors as role models (i.e., examples to follow)? There’s no harm in trying. But we should not put them on a pedestal or treat them as if they are better than humans. After all, they are just human beings like us.

    Thanks and cheers nga kuna ni Trublue.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Agree with you and Nashman that we should look for models within our immediate circle. [Although, as you said, this is becoming more challenging because of the OFW phenomenon.]

    And I also agree with you that celebrities can be used as role models. I agree with this because they are very visible and because of the fact that a lot of people look up to them anyway.

    Maybe the better thing to do is to teach everyone to not look up to celebrities or to treat them as equals but that’s another blog topic. Thanks and cheers 🙂

  10. I saw Marky in 2006 during the Lang-ay Festival in Bontoc. He looked charming and waved to the crowd during the motorcade. Siempre shy daw ang Igoys so they just looked at the kid, except for a few of us who thought it proper to wave back:-)

    Let’s hope he stays in showbiz long enough to make a name for himself but short enough to keep his name intact.

    But I think we shouldn’t expect a lot from Marky. By being the talented, “clean-living,” seemingly down-to-earth kid that he is, Marky already makes us proud as his kailians. As many of you guys (and gals) recognize, he’s just an ordinary mortal.

    Naku, I may be old for this but I’m certainly his fan. I do look forward to meeting him in person at siempre, dapat may photo kami together. Haha!;-)

  11. Yup, when the immediate sphere breaks down it is indeed very tricky. I guess it’s part of growing up, iddi ubing ak met, a kasla Lito Lapid dagiti danog ko….then I realised, shet, that man is just an actor, his personal life is not to be followed…:D

    Well, as long as we buy original DVDs and not pirated ones, I’m sure Marky will have a long career…

  12. Agree with Da Nashman about setting our sights first to our family circle for role models, IF we can find one! Thought my older brod was da ultimate person worthy of emulation; offensively bold, corps commander, knows-it-all, a teacher. BUT died of lung cancer and liver complications in his early 50’s, need I elaborate da cause of his demise? Sorry Brod for making you a reference point but a knows-it-all-teacher attitude should have learned to listened to his kids! I know, I know, I’ve offended some you/us, but moderation naman should be da norm. I’m a JFK disciple and will always look up to him. We won’t be here today blogging/commenting if not for him. We can agree to disagree on this as Bill would say.
    Cheers again….

  13. JFK, nice choice, he was also a prolific womaniser like Rizal.

    I wish I were like them…:D

  14. Nothing wrong with it as he was so discreet in that regard. His noted accomplishment even for a short period of time is what really matters. World Peace….
    Cheers and goodhealth….

  15. From Marky Cielo to Historical Icons….(Napalayo yata tayo pero that is what happens in blogging world.

    Yaiks…nothing wrong? He was only lucky that JackieO was prim and proper, that there was no paparazzi, that there was no internet…

    Having said that, we will always love the famous line “Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for the country”…

    Reflecting and reading more on history and context of actions, the gutsy person I have new found respect for is Macli-ing Dulag. I do not have anything about his life in detail…just that snippet of history that makes me ask the question, “Would I have done the same thing, said the same thing if I were in his position and context?” …

    It is really nice to talk about people. Thanks!

  16. You must be one sinless person anonymous 7:18.
    JFK may not be a role model for you coz of his womanizing. But there were reasons for those numerous intimate rendeavous, read his personal bio. Besides, he used his personal fortune to finance his daliances. Having said that also, I just noticed today that the USA he once ruled is still da number one superpower. While our country da pilipins which was also ruled by another womanizer (used the government’s money to support his countless mistresses), is still hurting and in the dark. I again invoke Bill’s, let’s just agree to disagree creed. Cheers….

  17. His womanising was actually his downfall. Prior to his assasination, he was beginning to be a sitting duck.

    Still, the best pic I have of JFK is a young handsome Clinton shaking his hand.

    Now why can’t we have people who are photogenic like them at least and not JDV, Escudero, or Pangilinan.

    Banish the thought of Mar Roxas becoming president because we might have Korina Sanchez as first lady! Yikes!

  18. Slick Willy became more famous as a womanizer, more exposed to the media and the masses, BUT he was not assassinated. See no relevance in that premise.
    Despite his extra-curricular activities just like his idol JFK, he did his job quite well and didn’t enriched himself nor was
    accused of plunder. He is a world of talents and brains regardless.

  19. Uh oh…I hope this young Marky Cielo and other youth will not think that it is okay to be like a JFK or Slick Willy. That is, when they are married that it is okay to have “extracurricular activities” …

  20. It’s assinine to advocate “extra-curricular activities” outside of marriage. Today’s youths and Marky are not leashed, they can be all they can be, and I’m hoping only for their betterment.
    And good for you anonymous 4:32 that there are no JFK’s and Slick Willy’s in your family. Yours is the type of family this downtrodden country of ours needs as models, pure and clean living.
    Cheers to all……

  21. Uh oh…

    Oftentimes, we do not have the right answers to many questions, whether “showbizzy” or profound.
    I guess because the “right” answers do not come easy. Or maybe because there are no “right” answers at all…


  22. A Response to Trublue

    I wish my family and I are holy, sinless, and free from the need to be making hard choices in life. Each one of us won’t need role models if that is the case. We all fall and get up many times over. We learn that there are better choices along the way.

    Thank you. Shalom!

  23. Hi Marky,
    Ang galing galing mo naman bakit ngayon ko lang ito nakita.. one of my churchmate she always talk about you during the ongoing starstruck, d ko pinapansin kasi busy ako. nayon dito na ako sa canada.. saka ko nakita ang profile mo sa you tube ikaw pala.. anyway proud of you.. I’m from Benguet kung saan ka nagtapos ng highschool.. I’m so happy for you..

  24. Hi Marky!
    I’ve been supporting you since starstruck time because I believe you have the character to look up. I hope you will not be carried away by those glamorous things around you..Kip on shining but remember to kip ur feet on the ground….

  25. I am so sad to hear the death of Marky Ceilo. I am one of the Million Fans who is watching his steps, his being and admired his talent. Marky Ceilo, the Star Struck Sole Survivor’s death is not the end of his being but it will continue with the help of his fans, friend, family and kin.

    My serious condolence to his family, fans, and friends.

    We need to accept this because this is in accordance to the will of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Each of us in this world have our GOD’s purpose of living here, and for him, his time living with us in this earth has ended because GOD wants him in Heaven. A lot of people want a rest but were not given because the time for them is not ready to leave this earth. I hate to hear TV’s saying many kids idolizing Marky” but the right term for it is not IDOLIZING Jesus Christ would got angry that word. It is against to the Ten Commandments but the right tem is “Fans”.

    Marky is a good man. We love him and we admired him. Marky My prayer to you is Rest in Peace and Continue Serving our GOD Jesus Christ in Heaven”

    I heard also that Marky is a pro environment. So Please, Let’s help and support his dreams to help our environment . Help , Learn and visit for carbon footprints solution.

  26. Somewhere in this blog, I’ve said that being in filipino showbiz might be difficult for him coz of his ethnicity and that he should still pursue his education. That the same people who made him a star might eventually cause him his demise. I’m not a fortune teller but I was “short of saying then that he might be maligned” just because of envy!

    One key causes of pancreas hemorrhaging is POISONING. Hope this is not the case though. Very to see him go that early. Wife did see some of his shows where he died in almost every series, an omen – you decide. Condolence to his family.

  27. It’s so saddening to hear that Marky is gone forever. I’ve been keeping tracks of him when he was still starting in Starstruck up to his last show, la lola. Was shocked when I heard about his death. Sayang talaga pero it is God’s will. I am thankful that he left a legacy in showbiz and raised the pride of Igorot.
    May his soul rest in peace.

  28. Marky may be gone but he will live forever. He has left footprints that future generations of Igorots can always follow. More than having won the Starstruck contest, his lasting legacy is that even while moving in a world where scandals are the norm, he conducted himself beyond reproach. There was not a single smear in his record. And at every opportunity available, he would tell the world he was an Igorot.

    Igorots suffered and continue to suffer from ethnic prejudice. But Marky’s rise to fame helped correct, even if partially, the misconceptions about us. This is a lasting legacy he leaves to all of us who are now sorrowful because of his untimely death.

    Rest in peace, Marky. Thank you for your life- a short one, but a long one nonetheless for its significance.

  29. Marky marked a legacy to the world about us, the Igorots. And that made me prouder to be one.

    I will forever admire him for such a talent he showed.

    His untimely death kept me sleepless for nights. I wished he should have lived longer until some more shy but talented Igorots gets discovered.

    Marky, wherever you are, thank you for showing up to the whole world the Igorot talent and charisma. Perhaps, you have seved your purpose on earth, even with such a short period of time.

    you will forever remain in our hearts.

    Igorot of DUBAI

  30. I was very shocked when I heard the news last week. My deepest sympathy and condolences for the family, relatives, friends, and fans. I was not very ascertain what the cause of death is. However, lets just pray for him and for the fast acceptance of his family. Lets not further tarnished his name by blurting nonsense issue about his sudden death. Gossips will not help in this mournful moment.

    Furthermore, I just want to react towards what ABS-CBN did, particularly the news team of the said network. What they did is very inhuman. Network rivalry makes no point here. Marky is one of the showbiz personalities needed to be respected mostly at this important time. Lets respect the decision of the family. What TV Patrol did by revealing Marky’s dead face in the national television was very unethical. We should act as human not as an animal. We should at least know ethical standards and the right for privacy and dignity. The ABS-CBN management should made an action towards the one who did that inhuman act towards Marky Cielo’s wake. The head of that certain news team must be punished for being ruthless. ABS-CBN must act not only a network searching for profit but a network with a heart. What is the sense of their advocacy being a Kapamilya? This tragic incident prove them nothing but shame. I’m a more Kapamilya inclined audience. I often watch Kapamilya shows, but upon hearing this…I am very upset and disgusted!!!!!

    Let’s pray for him and for his family!!!

    To Mark Angelo “Marky” Cadaweng Cielo, thank you for sharing yourself, your talent, and a piece of your life to us. Thank you for sharing such a kind, sweet, and loving heart. You will never be forgotten.

    Journey Well Buknoy!!! Hope to see you in the next phase of our life.

  31. DAPAT IDEMANDA YANG ABS CBN ! walang respeto! pati ba naman si marky , namatay na nga kung ano anu pang masamang balita ang ikinalat…WALANG KUWENTA TALGA YANG ABS CBN NA YAN DAPAT SA INYO KAYO ANG MAMATAY! isunusumpa ko kayoh! matinding sumpa ! gagapang kayong parang ahas , mag hihirap kayoh ! isunusumpa ko maglalaho kayong bigla!!!!! mawala na kayoh! iisaisahin ko kayoh!!!tandaan nyo ang ginawa nyo! sobra na kayoh wala kayong utak! isinusumpa ko kayoh! matinding sumpah!!!!! humanadah na kayoh! bukas isa sa inyo ang mawawala parang bula! tigilan nah ninyo ang paninira dahil kung hindi uubusin ko kayoh! lahat kayoh!

  32. bukas si claudine baretto kukunin na ni rico yan….ISASAMA NYA NA ITO SA HEAVEN////! at pag katapos ng bukas si boy abunda maaksidente at mahohold -up!!!! sa isang bukas si angelica panganiban —mararape , at magugustuhan nito ang rape sa kanya.
    sa isang bukas si willie ay kikidnapin kaya mag ingat kayong lahat , yan pa lang ang plano ng trbaho namin. …. FROM : muduomradjed sabahabu gang of mindanao. NAGKAKALAT NA SA MANILA

  33. MARKY !!!!!!! sObra tlga akong nanLUMO syo!!! iDOL na iDOL kita!!! naPAKAGALiNG mo sumayaw!!!! isa kanG TUNAy NA ARTiSTA!

    sayang tlga… kung aLam mo lang po.. GRabe Lungkot ko hanggang ngayOn …

    WALA nang iBANG ARTiSTA na MAiHAHANTULAD sayo! maGaLing na dancer,actor at ang bait bait mo.. hindi ka katulad ng ibang artista na mayabang..


    SALAMAT SAYO DAHiL NAGiNG iNSPiRASYON KA SA MARAMiNG PiLiPiNO (lalo sa akin) at nAGing iSANG MAGANDANG HALiMBAWA sa mata ng bawat mamamayanG PiLiPiNO !!! 🙂

    maHAL na maHAL ka nmin at mananatiLing “BUHAY” d2 sa puso nmin 🙂

    iNGAT ! 🙂

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