Roundup: News From the Boondocks

►A five minute hailstorm in Baguio indicates a long dry spell according to an official of the government’s weather bureau. [Nordis]

► is looking for the best and the worst mayor of Abra. Click here to nominate who you think deserves the honor (or dishonor). []

►A newly constructed bridge in Abra is now named after Chito Bersamin, the province’s Congressman who was assassinated a year ago. []

►Regional officials are reviving efforts to establish autonomy in the Cordilleras. [Sunstar] Our unsolicited advice to those officials: Don’t propose a law that only creates Autonomy In Name Only (AINO).

►Mankayan veterans are asking their municipal council to declare Lepanto as a historical war site. The Battle of Lepanto is reportedly one of the bloodiest in Northern Luzon. [Sunstar]

►Now it can be told. Traders and truckers, rather than vegetable farmers, are the main beneficiaries of the cold chain project which cost P4 million to start and which is being subsidized by the Benguet provincial government to the tune of P2 million/year. [Inquirer]

►Baguio-Aritao road is now 93% complete. Only 5.5 kilometers left to be paved. [Sunstar]

►Public works Secretary dispatches fact-finding team to investigate the alleged anomalous implementation of Halsema Road projects. [Northern Philippine Times]

►Ifugao entrepreneurs who would like to establish a feasible tourism-related business or expand their current business can apply for a P50,000 grant from the Ifugao provincial government. Applications will be accepted up to the end of August. [Northern Philippine Times]

►Cordillera police arrest suspect in the murder of Indonesian Catholic priest Fr. Franciskus Madhu. The priest was shot last Palm Sunday in Lubuagan, Kalinga while he was preparing for mass. [Inquirer]

►Those incorrigible Cordillera folks keep on producing marijuana and the police keeps on seizing them. [Sunstar via GMA News]

4 thoughts on “Roundup: News From the Boondocks”

  1. Kill a priest coz he doesn’t want to buy your guns…that’s so dreadful. Being drunk was inexcusable either. Some brains these thugs have…

  2. Hi Trublue,
    Yeah that’s not a reason to kill someone (not that I think that there’s ever a valid reason to kill anyone). Siguro natakot sila na baka isumbong sila ng pari kaya ganoon ang ginawa nila. How sad. I hope this arrest will bring closure to the case.

  3. hay naku! sinalang bridge lattan! cong. chito bersamin memorial bridge? masyadong mahaba! sinalang bridge lattan isu ti naka-iruaman ti tao.

    baka susunod nyan chito bersamin school building…er, chito bersamin street? bersamin this and that!

    what did he do in his lifetime anyway? wala ngang naipasang bills sa kongreso e! blah!

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    Good point. I think it is good if projects are not named after politicians and to just let the politicians’ own achievements to speak for them.

    Ultimately, I think nasa tao pa rin ang decision on what to call something. For instance, the Halsema Road is actually named the Ninoy Aquino Highway but people still call it the Halsema Road. Most people don’t even know that the official name is Ninoy Aquino Hiway.

    So if people will continue to call it Sinalang Road, eh di walang bale ang bago nitong pangalan. Thanks.

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