Finally Home

Here’s a report on the service held for Arcelie Laoagan:

On the day they put their friend, fellow parishioner and sister to rest, the more than 400 people who fill Calgary Full Gospel Church Thursday console themselves with the conviction that the devoutly Christian mother of five is now, as Pastor Denzel Fenn tells them, “safe in the arms of Jesus,” in a place “where there are no more tears.”

They chant “yes, yes” when the pastor celebrates Arcelie’s passion for her faith; they heartily sing along when the choir — of which she was a member — belts out a jazzy rendition of Amazing Grace; and they hug one another throughout the service that is a moving send-off to what by all accounts was a gentle, kind woman whose life was filled with more challenges and pain than anyone should have to endure.

Read the full story here. Photo shows Laoagan’s siblings during the service. Photo credit:

2 thoughts on “Finally Home”

  1. Sad news indeed. It’s encouraging though how her church and church mates were able to be a support system for her. Thank God for people like that. Thanks.

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