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I was commenting at Ellen’s blog when it suddenly shut down. I don’t know what the problem is. I’m not sure if its the traffic to her blog that shut it down, or whether she shut it down herself, or whether someone got into her blog to shut it down. No matter the reason, I hope she is doing okay. She’s one of the very few journalists I admire because of her truthtelling.

Here’s her last post before her blog shut down:

Bracing for an assault
By Ellen Tordesillas

It’s tense here inside the Manila Peninsula Hotel. We’re staying put even after National Capital Region police chief Geary Barias ordered the evacuation of the hotel.

The Makati regional trial court has cited Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and the Magdalo soldiers in contempt of court after they walked out of this morning’s hearing and ordered their arrest.

We have moistened the hotel’s table napkins, towels, even table cloths in case law enforcers lob tear gas canisters. We are bracing for the worst.

My take on this latest crisis:
Things like this will continue to happen as long as we have Gloria sitting as president. There is no no way you can cheat yourself to the presidency and expect that you’ll sit pretty and content. I’ve always maintained that the country would have been better of if she resigned in 2005, the year she was caught cheating.

I guess there is no way she will ever do that. And I’m sure that she will cheat again in the 2010 elections to ensure that whoever will succeed her will not prosecute her and hold her accountable for the many corrupt acts she committed while in power.

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  1. …but it’s not GMA who’s gonna suffer because oftrillanes’ makati mutiny but it’s the economy. investors will be turned off as well as tourists. manila pen will also suffer. i pity the groom and bride whose celebration turned to a disaster

    i wish there are other ways to reform the system, not just the people at the top

  2. i just want to comment on the media, we have too much freedom.. in that situation pinapaalis na nga sila para indi madamay kung sakaling my raid sila pa mag complain na natirgas etc.. we should also respect the SOP of the PNP/AFP.. they should not complain when they are arrested just for proper identification purposes because it is the standard operating procedure and the right thing to do in cases like that.

  3. George Bush cheated his way into office, so the little lady can too. Ano ba!

    It is so sad, and we can all proselytize all day and I don’t think things will change until people who are in politics start changing their ways. I don’t think that will happen soon.

  4. Hi Tutubi,
    I agree of course that it is better to reform the system rather than just change people at the top. But with GMA at the top, I doubt if any kind of reform will ever be achieved.

    I think the economy is resilient enough to withstand events like this. And as I said, there will be no mutinies like this, if GMA resigned in 2005. I believe that for as long as her legitimacy to sit as president is under question, the Philippines will remain unstable. Thanks, let’s agree to disagree on this one 🙂

    Hi Nats,
    I didn’t watch the coverage on TV so I don’t know how media people behaved, hehe. Sa internet lang ako nag monitor.

    If they were taken in for proper identification then that would be okay. But if they were arrested to intimidate them, then that is wrong.

    I don’t see the need though to have journalists handcuffed as if they themselves were mutineers. These people were just doing their jobs. It is okay of course to limit their access (as in, bawal kayong pumunta diyan) but to handcuff them really crosses the line. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Jmom,
    At least you have Barack Obama who presents a fresh face. Hope we have someone like him here 🙂

  5. too much freedom is dangerous, sometimes people use our constitution to defy orders.much worst we have different interpretation of the law. everybody has its own limit, even the press they are not above the law..their is also too much “haka haka” with the press trying to exagerate things, trying to link it with martial law even if their is none.i felt anger when this handcuffed press is raising their hands as if they want too much attention, we already know that they are being handcuffed but to make small things bigger is sometimes not good with both sides..If they want the nation to know what is happening, dahil mahal nila kamo ang bayan, they should first love themselves because when they die they can no longer give news to the public.

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