Department of Shameless Self-Promotion

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Ay kakabsat ken kakailiyan, hehe, i-promote ko man daytoy barbaro nga blog ko. I felt guilty and silly writing sponsored posts in this blog and in our other blog so I decided to come up with a new blog where I can do sponsored posts shamelessly. Eh dahil malapit na din ang Olympics and one of my first ever writing assignment years ago is to do an Olympic story so I decided to come up with The Olympian Blog.

I need your feedback on how to improve it further. It is still a work in progress so all suggestions, criticisms, etc. are welcome. Can I also shamelessly beg for a love link from your blogs? I will link back of course hehe.

Visit our newest blog here and fire away. Thanks, friends.

3 thoughts on “Department of Shameless Self-Promotion”

  1. Wow! Another blog. I envy you. I am lucky if I could even update my site 3 times a week.

    Good luck to your Olympian Blog. Another sure hit, take it from me(enah met lol)!

  2. hahahaha! very creative way to say it. I really feel funny writing sponsored posts specially if they are not related to the mood of the posts surrounding it. But hey, for $5-$90 for 50-200 words, it’s hard to say no as long as they are decent companies. It’s to subsidize the rising cost of gas.

    Congratulations to your new blog!

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