“Covering” Our Officials

What are the chances that any of our Cordillera officials will make the cover of international magazines? Unless they do something really really newsworthy like, say, win a Nobel Peace Price or get themselves adopted by Angelina Jolie, we must say that such chances are zero.

Of course, that shouldn’t stop us from creating fake magazine covers for our officials like we did here.

We used the National Geographic cover for Ifugao Governor Teddy Baguilat because he keeps talking about cultural heritage, environment, alternative tourism and those kinds of stuff that said magazine usually writes about.

Meanwhile, we used People magazine for Baguio Congressman Mauricio Domogan because we can’t resist it. Eh, how can we not use People magazine as the cover template with that hat he is wearing?

Now, do we have too much time in our hands or what? Kasalanan ni Ivadoy Country kasi sinimulan niya hehe (Thanks FBI).

If you have politicians you would like us to “cover”, please tell us in the comments.

CREDITS: Magmypic for the covers and Drasko and the Taipei Times for the original photos.

5 thoughts on ““Covering” Our Officials”

  1. Aba!Wala akong kinalaman jan!wehehe. Like I told ate Layad. Nakita ko lang po yan sa isang multiply contact..hehe. Saya noh?

    I Like the covers that you chose sir BB!hehe..so apt. Sana magreact sila noh?

    btw, change name na site ko para consistent dun sa isa.hehe.kano met a.

    yngatz kau lagi.

  2. Hi Djin,
    Thanks. This was a nice find you had. I will try to do the other officials if we have good pictures of them.

    Didn’t notice the name change. I will update post para palitan ko. Thanks again.

  3. sir BB,
    Ur welcome. Yun ang ginanda ng may ibang sites and humurous na contacts.hehe. Will be looking forward to those pics!hehe.

    Yep.FBI na rin blogsite ko d2.hehe.

    Yngatz kayo lagi!

  4. The names and pictures of controversial figures may be discussed in any magazine, but, para kanyak apo, their faces should never appear on the covers of internationally recognized ones, as People Magazine.

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